How to Visit Universal CityWalk in Hollywood

Universal CityWalk in Hollywood is one of the most amazing places to visit with your close friends and family members. It is situated in Universal City, California, United States of America and serves as an extension of the world renowned Universal Studios. In addition, it will be important to mention that it was opened back in 1993 and connects the Gibson Amphitheatre with the Universal City’s theme park.  There are a lot of beautiful walkthroughs and shops which you can enjoy during your visit.

If you are willing to visit the Universal CityWalk, you can take help from the given steps.


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    First of all, you must contact with all your good friends and family members so as to float the idea of going to the Universal CityWalk in Hollywood. You must try to convince as much people as you can for the visit. However, if somebody can’t go, you should not force him or her.

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    It is extremely important for you to make a budget of your trip. You must keep an account for all the expenses which will be incurred during the trip. The major expenses will include the travelling expenses, hotel tariff and other recreational expenses. Besides, you must make your budget flexible so as to keep a reasonable room for the unpredicted expenses which may incur during your visit. After preparing a good flexible budget, try to divide it equally amongst all your friends who are going with you.

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    The most convenient way to go to the CityWalk is to take a taxi or a subway. However, if you live in any other state, you must book your flight in advance so as to get maximum time for enjoyment.

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    Don’t forget to eat wonderful meals at different restaurants on the CityWalk. The most famous restaurants include Tony Romas’s steakhouse and Wolfgang’s Puck’s. Moreover, there are a lot of cafes on the CityWalk where you can enjoy dancing and music. You must also visit the Hard Rock Cafe to make your trip more memorable.

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    There are many artists who walk through the CityWalk while demonstrating their artwork. Most of them include the mimics who create a remarkable ambiance on the CityWalk.

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    You must also buy toys, souvenirs and books from the shops around the CityWalk. In addition, you should go to the Gibson Amphitheatre to enjoy the live concert.

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