How to Walk In High Heels

High heels are a must for formal events, and are a sure-fire way to add length and grace to your legs. However, while they might look sophisticated, walking around in high heels can be a daunting prospect if you are not used to it, and the risk of twisting and spraining your ankle, straining your muscles, or injuring yourself by falling, does not exactly serve as great encouragement.

However, walking around in high heels was not one of the twelve labours of Hercules, so rest assured anyone can master the art – all it requires is a little balance, and some practice.


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    Start by buying the right shoe size, which fits comfortably, and suits your legs and feet. Do not start with skyscraper heels immediately, and make sure the shoe is such that your foot is comfortably secured and strapped in, not slipping and sliding off the heels.

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    Before you begin wearing heels out in public, try putting them on at home, and practice walking around a little – make sure you have a nice soft carpet and fluffy cushions to break your fall if you happen to falter and trip. Start with small 2-inch heels, and then move on to taller heels as you grow comfortable with the shorter lengths.

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    If you’ve never worn them before, wear high heels around the house first, to get used to walking around in them. This will help you hone your walk and make it more natural – bold first-timers who decide to wear tall heels out in public without any prior practice usually end up loping about like awkward camels.

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    High heels can often strain the leg muscles, so try fitting in some ankle and foot exercises. For example, hold the back of a chair for balance, and lift up your heels – do this a couple of times. In addition to trying out a variety of leg and ankle strengthening exercises, you should also look into developing a sense of balance – for example, try balancing on one leg during leisure activities like watching television.

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    While walking in heels, learn to take shorter steps, and cut down on the length of your stride. Focus on making sure the heel touches the ground before the toes during steps, and instead of allowing your toes to point sideways as you walk, make sure they face dead straight every time you take a step. Keep your legs straight and parallel, and swing your arms gently for balance.

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    As you walk in heels, keep your spine straight – do not lean forward or backward, and in addition to keeping a straight posture, keep your chin level with the floor and look straight ahead to maintain balance and grace.

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