How to Watch Movies on a PSP

The Sony PlayStation Portable more famously known as the PSP is not only a portable gaming console, but you can view your pictures and watch movies as well. It also provides internet access as it has a built in Wi-Fi antenna through which you can connect with other PSP owners. However, in order to watch movies with your PSP you will have to convert the movie format as it supports just two media formats. To do this, you can use the Memory Stick Duo with video files stored on it or buy movies in a specific format like the Universal Media Disk (UMD).


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    Getting started

    It is a very simple process, but a lot of people have no clue how to watch movies with a PSP. First of all, turn off the console and after that connect it to your laptop or computer. You will require a USB cable in order to do this. Turn on the PSP when you have connected to the computer. Hold the PSP and go into the settings menu after you get there.

    Press the X button in the PSP to connect the PSP to the computer. It normally takes a couple of seconds for the two systems to link, but when they are acquainted get on your computer and search in “My Computer”. The PSP will display there in the exact manner when you connect a flash memory or external hard drive to the computer or laptop.

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    Create a folder in the PSP section

    Log onto your computer and open the PSP folder. Access the memory stick from there and click on the folder titled “PSP”. Then open it and make another folder. Name the new folder “MP_ROOT”. After that, create one more folder and title it “100mnv01.”

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    Convert the movies in MP4 format

    You will need the files and videos to be in MP4 format so that they can play on the PSP. You can easily download softwares to convert DVDs to MP4s. However, if you already have MP4s on your hard disk, then you just have to move the movies you want to see to the “100mnv01” folder. Finally, click on the movie you want to watch from inside the folder, and it will play instantly.

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