How to Wear French Cuff Links

French have their own style to just about everything. The way they talk to the way the cook to how they dress, they leave their own mark on everything. Their cuff links are classy and different. One has to know how to wear them and what to wear them with as all shirts will not be suitable for this kind of cuff links.

The task is by no means hard and takes a bit of practice and getting used to. Once you do that, you will have some really impressive accessories to go with your shirts.


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    Get the Cuff Links

    The first thing to do is to get cuff links of your liking. Make sure that they are trendy but not overly glittery as they will not look good and may only suit a certain shirt. While you get the cuff links, try to find ones that can suit most kinds of shirts so that you can accessorise other shirts as well without having to spend a fortune.

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    The Right Shirt

    There are many kinds of shirts that are available but you must make sure that you get the ones that suit the French cuff links. The shirts with French cuffs will have a double cuff and will not have a button but instead will have holes on both sides. These are the shirts you will need.

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    Prepare the Cuffs

    The next thing to do is to get the cuffs in position in order to put the cuff links on them. Fold the cuff in half in a way that both sides are on equal lines with each other. This is very important for the cuff links to be put on. Make sure that the holes for the cuff links are perfectly in line.

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    Insert and Secure the Cuff Links

    Get the decorated part of the cuff link on the outer side of the cuff so that it can be seen. The process of securing the cuff link will depend on the given kind of cuff links you have.

    You may have the ones with a fixed backing which are made from the same piece. These are harder to put on but remain firmly in place for longer periods of time.

    The bullet back closure cuff link is the most common type that is used. A bullet shaped capsule is attached to a couple of poles. It can be flipped at its axis to go through the holes and then flipped horizontally to secure the cuffs together.

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