How to Win America’s Next Top Model

“America’s Next Top Model” is a very well known TV show in which ambitious young models compete to claim the title. The popular show is followed all over the world and it is a very big thing in the United States. Aspiring models dream for this gong since they were little girls. If you win the title you can get a contract with a top modelling agency and a cover photo or photos in a fashion magazine. Also there is extreme competition and gets pretty nasty so you need to be prepared if you want to win America’s Next Top Model.


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    See episodes of the TV show

    There are DVDs and videos of all previous seasons of the show. It is recommended to watch all of them and carefully see each and every episode and learn from the winners. Keep notes on what things were admired by the judges, and what stuff sent the contestants packing home. Study all the developments and analyse them for future reference. Give even more attention to the girls that won the top gong and what made them so special to claim the award as in what were their attributes and qualities as a model.

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    Perfect your runway walk

    One of the most important things for a model is to be a good runway walker. As a result of this, you should practice your walk on a regular basis. If you are not good at this, your rival will remain in the show in your place. Try to see runway shows and learn from the movements of the best models. You need to practice walking in very high stiletto heels while having a book placed on your head. Also put one foot in front of the other foot while performing the runway walk.

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    Create natural poses for yourself

    You can also try practicing poses in front of the mirror to know exactly how you look. All top models possess a variety of poses. You can go through fashion magazines and learn new and good poses from there. Carry your poses in the mirror and check if it suits you or not. Keep extra focus on your face while pulling off the poses. It is also important to be open and honest as a model. Provide the show producers and judges with all your secrets as withholding information can lead you to be eliminated from the show.

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