How to Work From Home with a Baby

In case you have a baby, you can always find a job which allows you to work from home. It is a really daunting to work from home with a baby. You are required to take care of the baby, give him/her full attention and complete your work. In case you are planning on having a baby and want to become a successful working mom, you need to have a proper plan.

Things Required:

– Laptop
– Babysitter (part time)
– Baby Toys


  • 1

    Choose the right job

    You are required to choose the right job when you are working at home with a baby. You will find several jobs in which you can work from home but pick the one that will suit you best. Avoid taking a job which requires talking on the phone. Furthermore, you need to refrain from jobs which have strict deadlines as you will want to work on weekends or whatever time that suits you. You can always opt for freelance writing jobs, direct sales, typist jobs and administrative work.

  • 2

    Wake up before baby gets up

    You need to wake up before your baby gets up and start working early. Even if you cannot start your work early, you can always take a bath and eat your breakfast. Doing this can save lots of time and help you complete your work easily.

  • 3

    Capitalise on baby naps

    You can always take advantage of baby naps, when the baby is sleeping for an hour or more, you can work without interruptions.

  • 4

    Get your baby on a tight schedule

    It is recommended to get your baby on a tight schedule. You can set up a routine so that your baby takes a nap during 9 am to 2 pm. Doing this, you will find lots of time to complete your task or carry out your meetings. Furthermore, if you are planning to have some meeting, you can always schedule it during his or her nap time.

  • 5

    Get a laptop

    In case you are working at home, it is strongly recommended to get a laptop because a desktop computer will keep you fixed to one place. With a laptop, you can carry it to where your baby is and complete your tasks.

  • 6

    Keep your baby busy

    You can buy various baby toys to keep him or her busy while you take the opportunity to finish up your work.

  • 7

    Part time babysitter

    You can always hire a babysitter part time and complete your work. In case you have to attend a meeting, you can call your baby sitter to watch your child.

  • 8

    Stay organised

    The key to successfully working from home with a baby is to stay organised. Make lists of things that you want to do during the day. Put these lists on the refrigerator door so that you can look at it in the morning and tick off the tasks that you have completed.

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