Banking Dissertation Proposal Writing Guide

Students of accounting and finance are often tasked with dissertation topics related to banking. While such dissertations can be quite interesting to attempt, they also require considerable research and literature review. Some examples of topics that can be attempted for your banking dissertation are:

  • Effects of rise in interest rates on the global banking system
  • Challenges in the evolution of internet banking

You need to critically analyze the banking system or elements in question and then give your own assessment regarding how useful or beneficial a certain practice or system is.

If you are planning a banking dissertation, our guide here will help you understand the basic requirements.


  • 1

    Select a topic

    It is important that you select an appropriate topic before you begin your dissertation. Since you want to write on banking, you should consider which areas of finance and accounting are your strong suits.

    Ideally, the topic you choose should highlight your strengths and give you the opportunity to exhibit as much of your knowledge and understanding as possible.

    Existing literature is also an important factor that should not be ignored during topic selection. If you have any confusions though, you can consult your professor or supervisor.

  • 2

    Formulate a problem statement

    Your problem statement defines the issues and areas you intend to address in your dissertation. Be clear about the aims and objectives of your dissertation and shed light on the background and significance of the problems that you intend to discuss in it.

  • 3

    Literature Review

    Your literature review will also partially cover your research efforts for the dissertation. During this time you will conduct broad and narrow reading, taking notes and aligning yourself with a certain stance.

    The research you conduct will also need to be referred to in your dissertation along with proper citations. It will also be part of the evidence you present to support your arguments and findings.

  • 4

    Research methodologies

    This is the part where you elaborate upon your intended research methodologies, which basically means you need to explain how you plan to conduct a thorough  real-world research for your dissertation.

    If you are unsure how to go about this, you will find plenty of books in your library on business and finance research methodologies, consult them or seek assistance from your supervisor.

  • 5


    In the end you need to present your own findings in the shape of a hypothesis. If you are suggesting solutions, do so in the framework of your theory and support it with evidence obtained during your research.

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