How to Write a Business Report

Writing a report is not just another writing assignment but an art to put things together that are available to you in a raw form. You can easily be buried in the paper work and lose your path in the middle that will leave you in no man’s land but a few pointers will help you to stay in line with the format of a business report and complete it within the strict timeline assigned by your supervisor. It is difficult to visualize from where to start from when you haven’t done anything like that but not panicking is the first thing that will put you on the right path.


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    You have to make sure who is going to see your report. If it is for some officer then the report should be as detailed as it can get but if it’s for some higher authorities like board of directors of chief financial officers, then the report needs to be very specific and must be precise. You can’t add unwanted information in either case because no one likes to read what he doesn’t intend to and if the information is repeatedly redundant, the reader will lose interest and your job will be in danger.

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    Know the current status of the event that is being discussed in your report and try to encapsulate a bit of history and the future proposals that will help the reader to connect the dots and analyse the situation better.

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    Collection of data should be precise and must include a fair representation of the population so that the sample can be said as being representative of the population. Otherwise, the whole hypothesis and results will be flushed down the gutter because they won’t make any sense at all.

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    Remember to format the whole report according to the desired format being issued in the SOP’s of the firm. It is because everyone is use to that format and can easily understand the information without any help.

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    Understand the aim of your report and try to fulfill that aim with every legitimate method. Never deviate away from the main goals and discuss something that is not associated with the topic of the report because you don’t want to waste the time of your seniors and put yourself in trouble.

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