How to Write a Construction Bid Proposal

In the construction business, contracts are awarded to people on the basis of the bidding system. The first task of the contractor is to estimate the cost of the project, then add any over head costs and profit to the calculated amount. The construction bid is sent to the owner, who examines each and every detail about the contractor before sealing the deal. In some countries, the government is bound to offer the contract to the least expensive contractor, irrespective of the quality of work.

The lowest bidder generally gets the contract, but it is not entirely true. Sometimes the quality of work, the level of professionalism, and the amount of manpower under the disposal of the contractor also counts in the construction proposal. The style of writing the proposal obviously matters as well, so you can improve your chances of landing a job by writing your construction bid proposal in a professional way.


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    The first thing in any form of proposal should be the company letter head.  If you have not created a letter head yet, paste your logo on the top left corner of the paper and add your basic contact details after it. It should include the complete postal address, electronic mail address, and your contact number. Just after the letter head, write the name of the person to whom the bid is being submitted.

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    The document should be named as ‘Construction bid proposal’. After the title, add the name of the owner and the date of submission of the bid.

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    In the introductory paragraph explain the outline of the work briefly. Then explain the complete scope of work which your company plans of undertaking.

    For example, if you own a wood panelling company, include the list of all objects needed for the job. This may include wooden panels, door knobs, and polishing material.

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    Inclusion of scope of project makes it easier for the owners to get the complete picture, and compare your proposal with the other bids. This also makes you look very organized and professional.

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    The price should be mentioned clearly. There should be no ambiguity in the pricing formula or the mode of payment. This will also explain the cost of different steps to the owner and makes their job of evaluating different proposals easy.

    Mention whether tax is included in the price, and if not who will be responsible for paying that.

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