How to Write a Contract for Nursing Services

Contract is an agreement between two parties which explains the set of rules which govern the sale of services or products. A nursing contract is a document which defines the roles of the services provided, the money charged for these services, and the starting date and the ending date of the contract. This document has legal value and can be produced in the court of law in case any complications arise.

Parties entering the contract should be of legal age and they must have the mental health to sign a legal document. Though some people may hire nursing services without a legal contract, it is always recommended to sign a legal agreement before either selling or buying nursing services.


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    Enter the date on the top left corner of the paper. Find out the name of your employer and write it down after the date section. Mention your employer by name only for the first time, throughout the rest of the agreement mention them by the term ‘Employer’.  This agreement can be made either with an individual or with a medical service provider company.

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    Define the scope of the work you will be undertaking during the length of the contract. The introduction paragraph will explain the purpose behind the legal contract and the type of services you will be providing to your employer. Add a heading ‘Works’ under the introductory paragraph and write down the type of work you will be undertaking.

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    The address of your employer should be mentioned clearly under the section property information details. Identify the address of the employer and the name and contact number of the person managing the home/ company.

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    Discuss the pay package and payment mode with your employer before taking the effort to write down the legal contract. If you will be working for daily wages, clearly mention the mode of payment in the contract. The payment schedule conflicts are the number one reason of disagreement between employees and their employers these days.

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    Also add in any other benefit that will be included as the part of the compensation package. It may include health, life insurance or any holiday benefits. Expiry date of the contract should also be mentioned clearly in the agreement. Ambiguity should be avoided and everything should be written and explained to both parties before the signing of the contract.

    Also include any special clauses for emergency holidays or the termination of the contract by either party in the clause section.

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