How to Write a Heartfelt Sympathy Card

Death is something which is difficult not only for human beings but for animals as well. As a matter of fact, almost all living beings grieve for a period of time after the death of some one they cared for. In humans, this grief can last for days, months, years or even for a lifetime. One of the best ways to offer your condolences to someone in such a situation is to write a heartfelt sympathy card. This method works best if one cannot attend the funeral of a deceased friend, family member, or an acquaintance, for some reason or the other.


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    Choosing the right sympathy card is very important because the card itself is the first thing that will express your feelings; the contents of the sympathy card come afterward. Sending an e-card is the worst way to express your grief over someone’s death and is considered highly inappropriate. There is a good chance that the receiver may keep the sympathy card you send for a long period of time. This makes it even more important to pick the right card.

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    Over the years, writing sympathy cards is becoming a dying art. This means that writing the contents of a heartfelt sympathy card will undoubtedly be difficult for you - however, that does not mean that you shouldn't try. When you begin, do not underestimate the importance of using heart felt and sincere words. Start the sympathy card by writing a brief, yet meaningful introduction. Then, write a few lines to convey the actual message i.e. expressing condolences. Conclude the card by offering your support in any possible way.

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    To express grief over the death of someone you knew in person, consider including mention of a brief event, to highlight how you will keep memories of the deceased in your mind. For instance, you may write ‘Stuart was a friend upon whom I could rely whenever I needed help’. Offering your help in making the arrangements for the funeral would also be a nice thing to write in the sympathy card.

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    Keep in mind that bereavement is difficult, and memories of the deceased last for a very long time. For this reason, send a second sympathy card in which you should invite the person to whom you are sending the card over to your place for the holidays. Moreover, a second sympathy card helps ease some of the depression that the person in bereavement must be undergoing.

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