How to Write a Horror Movie Script

Everyone has watched a horror movie at one time or another only to walk out of the theater thinking that it must not be that difficult to write a movie script. However, that notion is completely wrong as it takes years of professional training and experience to write a decent horror movie script. If you feel that you have what it takes to write a unique horror movie script that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats, then keep in mind a few key elements to ensure your efforts are worthwhile.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Script Writing Software


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    Pick a theme:

    First pick a theme for your movie script. Even though you are writing a horror movie script, there are many different subcategories that exist like gore, paranormal and others. Make sure your theme is followed throughout the horror movie script. Your theme will help you develop a story and characters that can carry the fear throughout the script.

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    Choose location:

    Once you have a theme it is very important to finalize a suitable location for your horror movie. It can anywhere from an old abandoned building or somewhere creative. Try to do something unusual that will catch your audience off guard. Be sure to make the setting follow the overall theme so that there is some consistency in your horror movie script.

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    Introduce characters:

    Take some time and introduce your characters in your horror movie script. Once you have mentioned each person, bring in the evil monster or wicked ghost that is going to do all of the damage. Remember how you introduce the villain is very important as you do not want your entire story to become monotonous or boring. Try to give each character some distinguishable traits so that each person can easily relate to atleast someone in your horror story.

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    Write outline:

    Now that you have done the basic work, start to put the story together in an open outline. Put all the points that you want to highlight and try to keep a nice logical order to maintain some flow in your horror movie script. Remember that this is just a rough outline which you will use to write the actual story so maintain some flexibility to add or subtract items.

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    Write script:

    Sit down and start writing your script using some specialized software capable of formatting your work. Follow your outline to make the entire horror story. Try to work as much as possible to make sure that everything makes sense and that the overall story is actually scary.

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