How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay is just like arguing a case in front of the judicial team. The writer either goes in favour of that issue or builds a strong argument to oppose the other school of thought. In a persuasive essay, it is writer’s responsibility to present his/her case in such a convincing manner that it rallies the reader to accept that particular point of view.

That is why it is not just like writing a regular essay in which the writer tries to strike the right balance between two opinions. A detailed research can be really helpful to convey the message tactfully.


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    Pick your topic wisely:

    Your first step defines how successful your journey will be so you should choose the topic of the essay carefully. Do not just select a random topic as it will double the trouble for you. Go for the topic on which you have something to say otherwise you will lose your case even before presenting it.

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    Take your time:

    After choosing a topic, do not start writing it in the very next moment rather you should build an argument in your mind. Make a list of the important points and arrange them in a sequence. Do extensive research to get a grip over the topic. This is very important to make your argument strong and convincing.

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    Know your addressees:

    You should know the mental level of your readers as it will help you to address their questions in your essay. Moreover, your logic should challenge their intellect otherwise you won’t be able to impress them.

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    The Introduction:

    After completing your research, now it is time to write down your thoughts on paper. Start with a convincing and compelling sentence to lock the attention of your reader. Remember, the introductory paragraph will just give the basic idea and argument. The perfect introduction always pushes your reader for further perusal.

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    Main body of the essay:

    After giving the introduction, you will start discussing the main points of your thesis. You should divide the body of essay in different paragraphs and discuss just one point in each paragraph. You will mention the most forceful point in the first paragraph and then minor points in the following paragraphs.

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    Address the questions of opposition:

    You should use the second to last paragraph to add a rebuttal. This will help you to convince those who do not agree with you.

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    The Conclusion:

    Summarise your arguments in the last paragraph and then end your essay with a strong sentence that will be your best shot.

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