How to Write a Project Charter

Writing a project charter is not much different to writing an organization’s charter or a charter for any other purpose. It should describe the project purpose and benefits of its implementation, the stipulated time period it will consume in its implementation, from start to its completion, the amount of money it is going to cost and members of the team that is going to be involved at all levels of its¬†implementation.


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    Purpose of Project Charter

    A project charter is as important document as the proposal of the project. In any case if there is no written proposal of the project, the charter can serve as a blueprint in following and implementation of all stages of the project. Also, it should be discussed, agreed and signed by all members of the team who are going to be involved in the project.

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    Start With Goals of Project

    Start writing your charter document by describing clear goals of the project. For this you can refer to the project proposal and if you do not have a proposal document, you can discuss the purpose and goals of the project, discuss with members and they should agree to them.

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    Identify Team

    Next step is to identify the members of the team who are going to be involved in the project. This includes manager and other workers, and also assigning them responsibilities. Each member of the team should have clearly marked tasks and the process of their completion.

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    Timeline for Implementation of Project

    Clearly define a stipulated timeline for implementation and completion of all stages of the project and the timetable should be given to all workers who are going to be involved. They should have a clear time frame for implementation of each component and when they should be completing and reporting it.

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    Describe Outcome of Project

    Generally, outcome of the project is in line with purpose and goals of the project. For example, if a project is implemented in health sector, how many people are going to benefit from it should be described in the outcome section of the project. Also, if you plan to expand the project anytime in the future that should be indicated.

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    General Guidelines

    You can also include some general safety and security guidelines that all workers will be required to strictly follow during all stages of implementation of the project. This is also a requirement of law to ensure safety of workers involved in a project.

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