Steps to Write a Psychology Dissertation

In most institutes, a dissertation is required by a student after he/she has completed all the courses. Usually a dissertation is required by PhD students but with the growing competition, almost all reputable institutes demand that their students should complete a dissertation in order to complete their degree.

Not to mention that psychology is one of the most emerging fields of the study and if you want to complete your dissertation in this field, you will have plenty of options to choose your research area.

If you have been troubled about your psychology dissertation then don’t worry. We have ┬ámanaged to compile a perfect step by step guide where you can easily learn how to write the perfect dissertation.


  • 1

    Write introduction

    In order to begin with your dissertation, a student should write a proper introduction. Keep in mind that an introduction should clearly state the problem that will be discussed and concluded in the dissertations. Therefore, you must choose a genuine problem with a reasonable level of importance as it will not only impress your supervisor but it will also prove helpful in the practical world.

  • 2

    Write about your research

    After you have written a sufficient introduction of the dissertation, you must explain the purpose of your research in the main part of the dissertation. Here, a candidate you must mention the facts and other evidences that he/she has collected in order to complete the dissertation. You should also evaluate and analyse each of these elements.

  • 3

    Explain the methodology

    The subsequent section should comprise of the methodology used by candidate in the dissertation. For this, a candidate must explain ways that he used for data collection, sampling and analyzing data.

  • 4

    Give conclusion

    It's one of the most important parts of the dissertation. Stating the problem of dissertation is not the main thing but a candidate should write a comprehensive conclusion of the stated problems and clearly state if his research supports the hypothesis under consideration or not.

  • 5

    Create a title and write abstract

    After you have completed the above stated tasks, the student should create a title and write abstract for his dissertation. In the title page, he should mention the topic of his dissertation, his name, earlier academic achievements and the reason for conducting this dissertation while an abstract should give a brief overview of the whole dissertation.

  • 6

    Write acknowledgement and make table of contents

    Now you should write acknowledgment and mention the names of people who help you in the completion of your dissertation. You should also make a table of contents for your dissertation.

  • 7

    Enter bibliography

    Do not forget to enter bibliography for your dissertation.

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