How to Write a Story with Dialogue

Story writing is not an easy task at all, as you need to apply yourself fully in order to come up with a masterpiece. This process requires concentration and cannot be achieved by someone who is not driven by his/her imagination. Only the most creative people can become good writers, as they need to come up with fresh ideas. Writing something once might not be difficult, but doing this over and over again with brilliance is an amazing thing.

There are different ways of writing a story and you can choose any of them. However, it demands more creativity and hard work to write it with dialogues. Some people prefer doing short stories, as they don’t have to worry about the dialogues. They simply mention the characters and describe what they want to do. This is one of the best ways of expressing yourself, as it does not take much of your time.

Things are completely different when you have to write a drama or movie though, as it requires you to mention the dialogues per characters. The plot has to be clear in your mind, and you need to concentrate a lot while doing so. Sometimes, you might get lost in the characters, which can be so confusing. Young writers can panic in such a situation, but they should learn to control their temperament under while writing the script.


  • 1

    Focus hard

    Writing dialogues for a story requires a lot of focus. You cannot afford to do it like any other routine task. There has to be no noise around you, so that you can concentrate hard at the characters and the story line.

  • 2

    Know the characters

    Although, the characters will be created by you, yet they should have some clear identity so that you don’t get confused, especially when writing their dialogues. If you are not familiar with them, the overall story will not fascinate the audience.

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    Add emotions

    It is important to add emotions in the story. The readers will only connect when there are some sentiments in the dialogues. Even if the genre does not demand such a character, make sure you create something like this.

  • 4

    Make it humorous

    Humour is something, which makes the story interesting. Sometimes, people get bored while reading the same sort of stuff over and over again, so try experimenting with a few jokes in the dialogues, and it also adds variation to the story.

  • 5

    Use variations

    While writing the dialogues, use some variations. Keep on playing with words in order to connect with the audience.

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