How To Write a Winning Essay for the GED

One of the toughest problems in earning the GED is clearing the writing test. A number of students, who do really well in the other areas of the test, stagger when they have to write the 200-word essay. However, there are several ways to write a winning essay for the GED and overcome this issue.


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    Think and make pointers for the essay

    First, go through and read the assigned topic. After that, spend a couple of minutes brainstorming about what to comment about the topic. Write down a few points on the paper to construct your essay. Highlight the important notes you want to elaborate in the paper. This can be done by simply making a side note to guide you through a winning essay for GED.

    On the other hand, you can also pitch in ideas for examples you want to list in the essay. If you use sensible examples, it can convince the examiner that you are making a valid point and it can also increase the word count in your attempt to reach the 200-word restriction.

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    Instructions for writing the essay

    Start with a good introduction paragraph. A good way is to rewrite the topic you have been given as your opening sentence. You can then follow that up with a heading of the relevant ideas that you will discuss in the later paragraphs. It is important to note that you should write the main ideas in the exact order in the body as you discussed them in the introduction. Planning is a significant element of penning a winning essay for the GED.

    Create an organised body. Every point you discussed in the introduction should have a separate paragraph in the main body of the essay. Moreover, it is up to you to add examples, explanations and definitions in the essay to make it more colourful. Lastly, end the essay with a conclusion of a small paragraph. Write the topic in your own words and give the crucial points one more time, making sure they are mentioned in the same order according to your essay.

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    Recheck the essay for mistakes

    Try to keep extra ten minutes of the allocated time to recheck your essay after you have written it. Go through it carefully and edit if you come across spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. Finally, you need to count the words to see if you have met the 200-word limit.

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