Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai Overview

Dubai is one of most vivacious cities in the World. In recent years, it has become most desired tourists destinations especially for its beautiful brand occupied shopping malls. Among many shopping locations Ibne Battuta Mall Dubai is one of the most visited Malls. The Ibn Battuta Mall, named after famous traveller Ibn Battuta is considered the world’s largest themed shopping Mall located in the corner of deserted city.

Ibne Battuta Mall is stiuated in on Sheikh Zaid Road and can be reached number of ways. Below are some steps that will guide you to reach Mall either by bus, metro, taxi, private or personal car.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Interchanges 5/6 – Dubai
Contact Number: +971 04 362 1901
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    By Taxi: The fastest and the most effiecient mode of traveling in Dubai is Taxi system, especially in those area not nearer to the Metro station. There are about 550 taxi providers in the City. You can call to any of the Taxi service provider and book a cab. Starting rate for the taxis is 3 AED while the minimum fare is 10 AED. Taxi can be even cheaper if you are travelling in a group of 3 to 4 people.

    Below is a list of top Taxi service providers in Dubai.

    Cars Taxi: +971 4 2693344
    Dubai Taxi: +971 04 208-0808
    Golden Taxi: +971 04 3365444
    Gulf Radio Taxi: +971 04 223-6666
    Internite Taxi: +971 04 272-8299

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    By Metro: Metro is one of the cheapest ways of getting around in Dubai. While using Metro, you can take either one-way single fare tickets or NOL cards. NOL cards are re-chargeable and can be used for certain number of trips in one or more “Zone”. First car is only for women and children. You can travel in second and other cars.

    There are two Metro stations nearer to Ibne Battuta Mall, Al Gubaiba Metro Station 1 and Al Gubaiba Metro Station 2. After leaving Metro on either of the stations, walk on street number 51 towards Al Gubaiba Road take a left turn on Al Gubaiba Road and take first right turn onto 3 A street. Ibne Battuta Mall will on your right.

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    By Bus: Dubai operates the most efficient bus service in United Arab Emirates and most locations are well connected by the bus system. Fares start from Dhs 1.5 to Dhs 2.5 depending on the distance and location of your destination. One such popular location is the Ibne Battuta Mall, which is located near Al Gubaiba Bus Station. Al Gubaiba accommodates 15 bus routes making it one of the busier bus portals in the city. There five bus stops that are nearest to Ibne Battuta Mall and make it easy to walk over to the venue.

    The Nearest station to the Ibne Battuta Mall is Al Gubaiba Metro Station. Bus # 8, C5, C7, C9, and X13 stop at this station. Leave the bus, and walk south on 51st street and walk toward Al Gubaiba road. Turn left onto al Gubaiba road and take a first right onto 3A street, Ibne Battuta Mall will be on the right.

    Bus # 93 stops at Al Gubaiba bus station number 4 and come from The Greens, Terminus.

    Bus # 91 stops at bus station number 9 and come from Jebel Ali, Bus Station 4.

    Bus # C 55 stops at bus station number 13 and come from Golf Souq Bus Staion 3A.

    Bus # 42 and 44 stops at Al Gubaiba Bus Station 5. Bus 42 comes from Aiprort Terminal 1 and 44 come from Dubai Festival City, Festival Centre 1.

    If you come from any of the mentioned bus, leave it at the respective station and walk to north towards Al Gubaiba Road and turn right onto Al Gubaiba road, walk straight and after 230 meters take the second right onto 3A street. Ibne Battuta Mall will be on your right side.

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