Independent Funerals In London

Independent funerals are carried out when immediate family members, relatives or friends want to avail the services of an independent funeral firm or director. These independent funeral directors are specialised in conducting memorial services as per the requirement of the clientele. By hiring an independent funeral director, people would not have to go through any fuss, pressure or the need to take care of traditional funeral problems. Losing a loved one is already a very difficult time for immediate family, relatives or friends and the process of arranging for a funeral further stresses them. Therefore at this stage, independent funeral directors guide people on every step of the funeral arrangements in order to make things much easier for the bereaved to cope up with the situation.


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    Duties of an Independent Funeral Director:

    The duties of an independent funeral director include various responsibilities that are related with almost every aspect of a funeral. Prominent duties of independent funeral directors are:

    - Put together funeral plans
    - Inform friends and family about death
    - Get essential certificates and permits related to death
    - Take care of the dead body
    - Inform the clergy and co-ordinate with it
    - Arrange for the burial or cremation
    - Inform the attorney in case legal help is required
    - Assist in securing benefits (if entitled to any)
    - Follow up with immediate family or close relative after the funeral in order to provide practical help so they can adjust to the loss.

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    Contact an Independent Funeral Director:

    When a death occurs, family members, relatives or friends should get in touch with an independent funeral director as soon as possible regardless of the time or day. Funeral directors are always prepared for this kind of situation so clients can take benefit from their guidance right away. To find a funeral director in London, click here to view the list.

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    Process of Funeral:

    After hiring a funeral director, he/she should be told how the the process of funeral would be carried out. This means whether they want the deceased to be buried or cremated? How do they want the funeral itself be to like?  This is so the independent funeral director can make arrangements as per the requirement.

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    Registration of Death:

    It is the duty of an independent funeral director to register the death and then secure death certificate too. To know the complete information regarding registering a death in London, click here.

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    Arrangement of Casket:

    In order to carry out the memorial service, a casket is necessary therefore immediate family members, relatives or friends also need to tell the independent funeral director which type of coffin is required for burial or cremation. Coffins are available not only in various sizes but are also prepared from different materials; some are of wood and others can be of steal or urns.

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    How to buy a Grave Plot or find a place for Cremation:

    People can either buy a grave plot, find a place for cremation themselves or they can leave it to the funeral director. In case if the deceased's friends or family members want to buy the grave plot themselves then contact by click here to find the details. Those who are looking to carry out the cremation services themselves can learn about the process from here.

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    Sometimes family members or friends also want the independent funeral director to publish news of the death in a newspaper so more people would get to know about the death of their relative along with details of upcoming funeral and some information about deceased person. This is called obituary. It is also when relatives/friends of the deceased want to say a few words at the funeral. This can be arranged by the funeral director if he is told.

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