Iran Tourist Visit Visa Requirements in Dubai

Aside from religious trips residents of Dubai also visit Iran for tourism. The Consulate of Iran in Dubai is issuing 15 days visas to such applicants from this region, who are looking to explore the snowy mountains, lovely beaches and shoreline of the country. Apart from these fine attractions, Iran also offers its tourists, rich history and culture that can mesmerize anyone. However, in order to travel around Iran, first thing a person will require, is a tourist visa of the country. For the assistance of people, who are not aware of Iranian visa process, below is a step by step guide to get Iran tourist visit visa from Dubai.


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    Provide original passport with at least six months validity.

    Provide one fresh passport style photograph.

    Deposit exact visa fee.

    Iranians, who had left the nationality of Iran, need to provide photocopy of certificate.

    Children under 18 years of age need to provide No Objection letter from their father. In case of divorce, children should provide a custody certificate of their mother that should be issued by the court of law.

    Travel insurance is also necessary for the foreigners going to Iran.

    Note: 15 days visa can also be issued upon arrival at some airports (Tehran, Shiraz, Mashad, Tabriz) in Iran. This visa is extendable for 15 days more in case of Europeans and Persian Gulf countries nationals.

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    Visa Application Form

    Applicants can download visa form of Iran from here. For further details regarding visa form contact Iranian Consulate in Dubai.

    Address: 33rd Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. view map
    +971 4 344 4717
    Visit Iranian Consulate Website

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    Visa Fee

    Applicants can find out about the exact visa fee of Iranian tourist visa from the visa section of the Iranian Consulate in Dubai (see the contact details above).

    Note: In case of visa rejection as per the mutual action, visa payment of Great Britain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden would not refundable.

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    Mode of Payment

    Similarly to know the mode of payment for the Iranian tourist visa get instructions from the visa desk of the Iranian Consulate in Dubai (view address & other details from above).

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    Check List

    It is important that all applicants should go through their visa form and other supporting documents (mentioned in Step 1) after completing them in order to reduce the chances of visa rejection.

    Apart from the aforementioned papers should also check the following as well:

    The applicant should make sure that they must answer all questions mentioned in the visa application completely.

    Applicant should double check that they have mentioned their address and phone number of Dubai along with the name and phone No. of the host in Iran in case of private stay.

    Applicants, who are travelling as tourist group, could send their documents through an approved travel agency of the Iranian consulate. So, if an applicant falls in this category and don’t forget to check this option.

    Travel insurance is necessary for all travellers, so check information regarding it or click here to gather details.

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    Islamic republic of Iran consulate’s visa department remains open from Sunday to Thursday and its working hours begin from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Applicants can submit their visa form and other supporting documents between these working hours. As far as submission process is concerned, it can be learnt from the Iranian Consulate in Dubai.

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    Processing Time

    Processing time period of Iranian visa is 2 working days, once the visa and supporting documents are submitted.

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    Collect Visa

    Issuance of Iranian visa also depends a lot on the interview with applicant. Once the visa is granted to the applicant then, he or she should collect their passport as per the advice of Iranian Consulate in Dubai (see the address above).

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