Keep Food Warm Lunch Box

To keep your food fresh and healthy, a New York City-based company designed an innovative lunch box that will simultaneously cook your food and keep it warm.

Vim & Vigor Design is a renowned company which develops futuristic and innovative products for consumers. The company is advertising its Bento Steamer Lunch Box, still in its concept age as a steamer, which works both in cooking food and keeping it fresh and healthy.

Because of hectic and busy lifestyles, people do not have much time to take fresh and homemade food so they usually prefer to go out for lunch and dinner where foods are normally high in fat, sodium and sugar. This eventually leads people to food poisoning and other harmful diseases. According to a spokesperson from Vim & Vigor, Bento is an alternative solution which will prevent people to eat stale and unhealthy food

The company explains the working of this lunch box on its website: “Bento heats up the assembly’s base using inductive technology, creating steam from water added to the grains in the bottom container. The steam naturally rises up the assembly, simultaneously cooking the grains as well as the contents of the top two containers. Thus the cooking process is simplified, and the user has a ready-packed meal that will still be warm when lunchtime comes around.”

For all those who want home-cooked meal at their workplace on daily basis, Bento Steamer is the best option for them. The time that the food requires in heating raw ingredients can be waived off and replaced with the quick and convenient cooking by using this futuristic product. It will improve the food preparation time and serving time while offering hot and fresh cooking creations.

The company is currently looking for manufacturing partners to make this product a successful launch in the coming days.

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