Keep Your Kids Safe Online

From what started as mere Neanderthals walking on land has now evolved into a world where science and humanity go hand in hand. Humans have built a world within this world which is known as the internet. The invention of the internet opened new avenues for mankind. Today, a world without internet in it is unimaginable. Countries such as the United States of America rely heavily on internet and satellite communication for their day to day activities.

However, it is not only the developed world which is reaping the fruits of this invention, but the developing world is without a doubt second to none when it comes to the use of internet. Hence, humans today are becoming dependent on their own invention.

With great power, nonetheless, comes great responsibility, meaning that with the vast ocean of knowledge on our fingertips, we still cannot allow our children to sail the high seas without supervision.


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    In any world, be it ours or the cyber frontier, children are soft targets for potential abusers. It is imperative to teach our children about the dark side of the World Wide Web and ensure their safety before letting them dive right in.

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    You need to keep communication channels open with your children and create an environment which would encourage them to discuss their daily internet activities with you.

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    You have to maintain trust and show your children that you have their back and anything that you tell them regarding the internet is out of love for them. The child needs to know that you trust him/her - this makes a difference.

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    Teach your children to trust their intuition; it is important for the child to know when to take a step back if he/she does not feel comfortable with the content of a website, video or the behaviour of a chat buddy.

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    Always encourage your children not to talk or meet complete strangers on the internet. This is the most important rule when it comes to their safety.

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    For your own convenience, set parental controls on all the computers in the house to restrict access to inappropriate material such as pornography.

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    Place the computer such that you can easily keep an eye on the activities of your child while the internet is being used.

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    Lay down some ground rules regarding the time your kids will spend on the computer. Let the children know that just because you have a computer and internet in the house does not mean it the facility should be abused.

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