Kia Luxury Flagship Sedan to Be Named Quoris

KIA is preparing to launch its new K9 luxury Sedan with a new brand name for global markets. KIA is targeting markets outside Korea with the new flagship Sedan and in order to capture the attention of potential customers around the world, it has given it a rather unique name ‘Quoris’.

While Quoris may not sound like a very enchanting name, it’s not an extremely terrible name either considering that car manufacturers nowadays are coming up with names like Ford Probe and Dodge Dart Swinger. KIA says “the word Quoris is derived from the English words core and quality.”

Leaving the name debate aside, Quoris seems like an impressive car. KIA has loaded the car with a lot of luxury and safety features such as full adaptive cruise control, collision warning and mitigation system, blind spot detection and lane departure warnings. Quoris also boasts of an Around View Monitor system (AVM), an innovative system that helps in manoeuvring the car between tight spaces by means of cameras situated on each side of the vehicle. This is an exciting new feature that can definitely help those that live in the cramped city trying to park between two other cars.

With all the innovative features and a seemingly flawless design, Quoris has the potential to become one of the best selling cars. While the name may not sound very attractive, we have a feeling that Quoris will do quite well when it hits the American auto market later this year. Kia has really made a niche for itself and over the past few years they are making very high quality cars at affordable prices. In America their sales are growing and within a short time it will not be a surprise to see them competing with the likes of Honda and Toyota. If they continue to offer extended warranties and good quality cars with the latest technological gadget inside then there is no reason why Kia should have any issues in America.

Big giant car manufacturers are often cagy when they are coming up with new strategic plans or launching news modes of the cars. But it seems like it will not be that difficult for KIA. The company has been working for a long time to regain its brand name while focusing on radar technology. However, the new ‘Quoris’ with real-wheel-drive and exceptional features would certainly handle both ends. It will be interesting to see how well the new ‘Quoris’ is received by the American public and whether or not it can find a place in this very competitive market.

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