L’Artista Restaurants in London

A group of friends back in 1985 came up with an idea to open up a pizza parlor by the name of L’Artista Pizzeria. These friends wanted to make this restaurant different from the rest of the dine-in places in UK, which is why they introduced a program of welcoming kids to participate in making a pizza. Usually restaurants do not target children in order to increase their market value, but L’Artista Pizzeria has endowed a lovely and cozy atmosphere for the youngsters to enjoy their meal with glee.  Besides granting delicious and healthy food, décor of the restaurant also has the tendency to make a customer’s mood vibrant. Keeping in mind the tradition of Italy, designers have beautifully constructed the place by giving touch of modernization as well as vintage interior.  Since the day of inauguration, the owners have been striving to bring their business to the next top level; in which they have, seemingly, succeeded fruitfully so far.

Visit: L’Artista’s Website

Contact: +44 20 8202 7303 ‎


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    Branches and Outlets of L'Artista:

    Besides the main restaurant, there is another branch which is located in London.

    Location: 17 Central Circus, Hendon, London NW4 3AS, United Kingdom, View Map
    +44 20 8202 7303 ‎

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    Products and Services of L'Artista:

    Even though pizza is considered a specialty of this eating place, but people are content with the rest of the Menu as well. Food items which are included in the menu are cited below:


    Besides food, a nice range of wine, champagne and beer is also available

    Along with dine in provision, L'Artista endows the facility of private functions, reservations and take away service.

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    Operational Hours of L'Artista:

    Seven days a week; the restaurant initializes its operation from 12:00 pm till 00:00 am.

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    Location of L'Artista:

    915-917 Finchley Road, Golders Green , London , NW11 7PE, United Kingdom

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    How to get to L'Artista from Golders Green Station:

    By Tube:

    About 2 minutes walking distance from the transit station, L'Artista restaurant is located. In order to cover the 0.1 mile distance, you will have to head North and continue commencing on Finchley Road/A502. After wrapping up about 207 feet distance, take a left turn and you will reach your destination by covering 436 feet distance. Directions from Golders Green Station to L’Artista will further assist you.

    By Bus:

    If you intend to travel by bus then take route number 82, 102, 460, or N13 of Gloders Green Bus, which will drop you at Golders Green (GU) Stop.

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