List of Airports in London

London airports are ranked among the busiest terminals in the world. The airports in the capital of United Kingdom are located outside the central part of the city to avoid problems with tall buildings and crowded areas. There are different types of airports in London but can be divided into two categories: private and public. The public ones include the better known ones like Heathrow, where any one with a ticket can enter. However, private airstrips usually either require you to own a plan that is docked their or be signed up for classes. Here is a list of airports around London and their exact locations to help you choose your next take off point.


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    London Gatwick (LGW)

    Is located approximately 28 miles south of London. The road and rail links to the airport are well constructed which makes it easily accessible. There are two terminals at the London Gatwick airport. The access to the city can be easily made through Taxi, Bus and Train.

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    London Stanstead Airport (STN)

    Is located 40 miles north-east of the central London, close to Stevenage and Chelmsford. The links to the city is by bus and train. London Stanstead is used for commercial aviation.

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    London Luton Airport

    Is comparatively a small airport which is located approximately 32 miles from central part of the city London. The airport has good transport connection to the city both by train and bus. The airport is used for both commercial and business aviation.

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    London City Airport (LCY)

    Is situated only six miles away from the central part of London. The airport has proper inside and outside city transport links which makes is it very easy to travel. London City Airport is majorly used for business travel.

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    London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

    Is situated on the west side of London approximately 15 miles away. LHR is the main intercontinental airport of the United Kingdom’s capital. The airport is mainly used for commercial aviation.

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    London Biggin Hill Airport

    Is situated in the region of 12 miles South East of London. The airport was started in 1920 and now has become an ideal arrival points for business travellers.

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