List of Asian Restaurants in London

Londoners love their Asian food whether its curry, Chinese dim sum or balti chicken.  One of the major reasons behind this is the ever increasing population of Asians, who come from different countries of the region. However, amongst these cuisines Chinese, Pakistani, Indian and Bengali food are in high demand. Pakistani, Indian and Bengali food are not much different from each other but Chinese cuisine is in a group of its own.

Folks who are looking to treat themselves to these popular cuisines in London do not have to search too much. It seems that every other street has its own Asian restaurant serving up spicy, tangy and sweet dishes. For the adventurous food lover here is a Step by Step list of Asian restaurants in London. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in our comment section below.


  • 1

    Kai Mayfair, has been declared the best Chinese bistro in London by several authentic and highly regarded magazines and guides.

  • 2

    Yauatcha, offers its guests contemporary and authentic dim sum in addition to wok-friendly dishes and few other ‘small eats’.

  • 3

    Ping Pong, is an international chain of Chinese restaurant that is delighting Londoners with their traditional style of cooking.

  • 4

    Tayyabs, is one of the premier Asian restaurants in the capital of Great Britain that is providing high quality Pakistani food to the locals as well as to the tourists.

  • 5

    Bundu Khan, is another name in the list of top Pakistani restaurants in London. Their specialities are paratha, kebab and bihari boti kebab.

  • 6

    Lahore Kebab House, is one of the very few eating places in London that are serving authentic Pakistani cuisine in the British Capital.

  • 7

    Mela, is one of the top Asian restaurants that has won several culinary awards in the past decade over its excellent Indian cuisine which is why critics admired this eatery so much.

  • 8

    The Cinnamon Club, is located in the heart of Westminster. The bistro offers a unique dining experience of Indian dishes that will be a treat for its guests.

  • 9

    Tamarind, is serving traditional Indian food for almost 16 years now. This eating place is an authentic name in the list of Asian restaurants when it comes to delicious Indian cuisine.

  • 10

    Brick Lane Clipper, uses fresh herbs and authentic spices to lit the taste of traditional Bengali food. The restaurant has amazed most of its visitors with the quality of their food.

  • 11

    Hason Raja, restaurant is named after the famous mystical poet of Bangladesh. Admirers of  Bengali cuisine can reserve table through their online service or can take-away aside from ordering the food on the venue.

  • 12

    Kolapata, is a Bangladeshi bistro and fast food establishment. The restaurant offers wide variety of Bengali dishes to its food lovers at economical price.

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