List of Best Medical Schools in London

London, the English capital, is known for producing thousands of doctors every year from their world class medical institutes. Besides endowing the service of teaching and schooling, they are also affiliated with hospitals that are known for providing the best health and care services. In the year 2008 till 2009, it was estimated that out of the total population of London, 412,000 people were registered as students. And another astonishing factor is that 97,150 of that student population was international. Like other fields, medicine is also granted with special importance and preference. This prestigious city, which is famous for its historical background and uncountable development, is also recognized for being home to world’s five best medical schools. If you, being a Londoner, are not aware of the top quality institutes of medicine then the guide given in this article will definitely help you in making the ideal choice out of the best options.


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    Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry’s level of excellence can be judged through the amount of  learning and education opportunities granted to each student. The school initially became illustrious due to its association with the Queen Mary, University of London, but in next to no time, the level of research covering various field of medicine made this institute more ideal for medical studies. Under Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, several other institutes are working are also working that are; Barts Cancer Institute Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, Institute of Health Sciences Education, Institute of Dentistry, William Harvey Research Institute and Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine. 

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    King's College London School of Medicine is famous for having prolific professors who are playing a major role in providing comprehensive education to the students. This medical institute took very less time in establishing itself as a center of excellence that is endowing the facility of teaching as well as researching. A variety of programs are introduced at King's College London School of Medicine, including educational programs for undergraduates, and training along with research programs for professionals.

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    Imperial College School of Medicine is not only known for being Europe’s largest medicine institute in terms of the staff and number of students, but research is also one of the reasons this medicine school to stand out for. In 1997, Imperial College School of Medicine was established with professional staff members and outclass research teams. The institute took a limited time to fortify itself as a world class medical institute.

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    St George's, University of London besides being United Kingdom’s only independent medical school, is also an ideal institute due to its innovative and modern style of imparting medical knowledge. There are total six research centers which include diagnose, heart diseases, cell signaling, immunity and infection.  Due to its tremendous reputation as the best medical school, the institute was also honored with the Time Higher Education award.

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    UCL Medical School is recognized for endowing excellent knowledge related to medicine in undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs. The institute succeeded in fortifying its position as one of the best medical schools of London by providing quality learning and teaching. The top quality education that is provided at UCL is the ultimate reason which help students in holding the positions of future doctors and develop an excellent career.

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