List of Best Shopping Malls in Ottawa

Ottawa has a selection of shopping malls to meet all your possible shopping needs. Spread all across the city, Ottawa’s shopping malls provide a large selection of stores that are easily accessed by car or public transportation. There is no question you will be able to find a mall that suits your needs, from upscale to bargain deals.

Below is a complete list of Ottawa’s largest shopping malls.


  • 1

    Rideau Centre

    The Rideau Centre, located in the heart of Ottawa's downtown is without question the city's premiere shopping destination. This mall has the largest and most diverse selection of shopping and is an oft-visited tourist destination. Serious shoppers should start here.

  • 2

    Bayshore Shopping Centre

    The largest mall in Ottawa's west end, Bayshore Shopping Centre provides an excellent shopping experience for all. With over 165 fashion boutiques and recent renovations, it is no surprise over 7 million people visit this mall every year.

  • 3

    St. Laurent Centre

    Located in the city's east end, the St. Laurent Centre is large mall that features a wide selection of stores and food options. It is easily accessible by road and is easily visible from the 417 highway.

  • 4

    Place d'Orléans

    Ottawa's easternmost mall is worth the trip. With a collection of popular stores and beautiful architecture, shopping at Place d'Orléans is an experience more than a trip.

  • 5

    Billings Bridge Shopping Centre

    Located near the Ottawa River, Billings Bridge Shopping Mall generates a lot of traffic with a large transit station and strong selection of stores. This mall has been a mainstay in Ottawa for a long time.

  • 6

    Carlingwood Shopping Centre

    Carlingwood Shopping Centre is conveniently located near the city's core. With a selection of food, electronics and large department stores it represents a strong offering for everyday shoppers.

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