List of Best Thrift Stores in London

London is famous all over the world for its vintage clothing shops and that is why there are many thrift stores located in the city. These stores are best for those people who love to buy vintage collection. Thrift stores sell a huge array of collection from golden era to the present day on affordable prices, and people can buy them to fulfill their needs and desires. Some thrift stores in London sell British vintage items, others sell French & American line and some other sell exceptional designer clothes, antique jewelry, home-wares, magazines, shoes, cowboy boots and much more. Not only this, some thrift shops also provide the facility of customized clothes and to hire dresses for different events.


  • 1

    Cloud Cuckoo Land

    Located at Charlton, this shop is filled with traditional women clothes ranging from Victorian times to the 1980’s collection, including skirts, capes, cotton print frocks, prom dresses and others. This shop also has an inspiring range of accessories.

  • 2

    Radio Days

    Radio Days is one of the best places to find collections from the 1930’s to 1970’s era of historical objects and vintage clothes along with a range of vintage magazines. Besides, they also offer retro themed dresses and gifts for people who love vintage collections.

  • 3

    Beyond Retro

    Another big name in the fashion industry which is recognized as vintage legend is Beyond Retro. They sell an extensive American collection from the 1940’s to contemporary designs, including  clothes and accessories for men and women at reasonable prices. In addition to this, they store collectible items for more focused customers.

  • 4

    Absolute Vintage

    One of the most famous places in the United Kingdom to find a large range of vintage clothes, shoes and bags for men and women is Absolute Vintage. Moreover the most interesting fact about this shop is that the products are specially selected for Londoners to look stylish and elegant. Hard-work and dedication resulted fruitful for Absolute Vintage in 2008 and they were rated as the best vintage shop in London by Style Magazine.

  • 5

    Thea Vintage

    One of London finest stores is Thea Vintage, placed in the stable area of Camden market. They sell a large range of funky and fabulous traditional clothes of designers, vintage clothes and other custom made designers retro items, providing people a chance to buy products on affordable prices.

  • 6


    For all those who love to shop for vintage collections, Rokit is the place to be at. This is one of the huge stores in United Kingdom which offers selected vintage and retro clothes for men and women. They also provide the facility of online shipping all around the world.

  • 7

    Lost n Found

    Lost n Found is yet another great venue in Camden market, having two floors filled with customized and American 1950’s vintage clothes with cowboy boots and heels. This store is a must visit place for those who want to buy classy clothes at reasonable prices.

  • 8

    Shock & Soul

    Sporting bright colors and emitting a vibrant feel, Shock & Soul is one of the funkiest French collection stores in Islington, London. Its collections include vintage and second hand clothes along with latest street wear. In addition to this, if people are interested in buying sequined party dresses then Shock & Soul is the place.

  • 9

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    This store stocks an extensive array of 1940’s to 1980’s vintage clothes, accessories and shoes along with a collection from designer Vivienne Westwood - all offered at affordable prices. The staff is friendly and helpful and guides the customers in an efficient manner.

  • 10

    Dolly Diamond Vintage

    Dolly Diamond Vintage is one of the best stores for designer’s motivation and has a massive range of 1920’s to 1970's high quality vintage clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women. For people who are looking for classy vintage items, Dolly Diamond Vintage is a great place to visit. People can find this shop at Notting Hill Gate.

  • 11

    Portobello Market

    Portobello Market is famous for having several shopping malls of vintage & second hand clothes along with antique stores. Savvy fashionistas herd this market every week to buy classy and stylish things to satisfy their needs. This market is placed at Portobello Road under Westway in London.

  • 12

    Merchant Archive

    Merchant Archive is one of the famous stores that are recognized for their enormous range of vintage and fashionable clothes for men and women. This store has made its mark in the list of vintage shops in a short span of time and has been a hub for stylists, designers and celebrities. Besides this, Merchant Archive is also a place to look for eccentric vintage furniture.

  • 13

    Modern Age

    Another big name in vintage clothing, Modern Age sells a variety of women and men’s wear of 1950’s to the 70's era. Although this store specializes in hiring odd evening wear, people can avail the option of customized clothes that they crave to wear on special  occasions.

  • 14

    Retro World

    Retro World is located at the Stables market in London that possess large collection of vintage clothes including shirts, blouses, skirts and scarfs. Furthermore, this store also has a collection of Adidas, Puma and Le Coq Sportif shoes from the 1960’s to 70’s - all at reasonable prices.

  • 15

    Theatre 71

    One of Britain’s most loved stores, Theatre 71 is renowned for selling gorgeous and classical vintage clothes. A highlight of Theatre 71 includes vintage clothes of Lewis Leathers, US military and T-shirts by designers Nobby Styles and Monkey Bot. This store is placed at 71 Camden Road in London. Customers are very much satisfied with the products and services present at Theater 71.

  • 16

    Oxfam's boutiques

    Oxfam’s boutiques are popular among residents for maintaining standards of fashion. They provide customers the facility to buy fabulous vintage and second hand clothes along with designers' exclusive collections. They sell their products not to earn profit, but the sole purpose of Oxfam's Boutiques is to raise funds to fight against poverty.

  • 17

    Wow Retro

    Wow Retro has two sites on Mercer Street; one is filled with women’s vintage clothes and the other one is packed with men’s vintage clothes. The stock at the store is displayed according to the eras they are from; from the 1920’s to the latest designs. The highlights include vintage clothes along with cowboy boots and classical home-ware - all at affordable prices.

  • 18


    This store sells a good selection of vintage, retro and special designers' clothes along with furniture, toys, books, accessories and more. People can buy a number of things of their needs under one roof and can help raise funds to improve lives of children. Barnardo’s store is placed at Marylebone in London.

  • 19


    Traid is basically a charity organization that sells a huge mix of vintage, high-street and designer clothes and accessories in their stores at cheap prices to support the society keep a balance in community. People can also buy customized vintage clothes from here.

  • 20


    Lali has good quality vintage clothes like YSL, CD along with their own label that is recognized as BI LA LI in London. This store is located at 15 Station Terrace in Kensal Rise. They are making remarkable progress in attracting shoppers at their store because of the impeccable products and services they provide.

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