List of Building Societies in London

A building society in London is a financial institution that gives out loans for homes and offers banking services. That is probably why the name came about because mortgages from these institutions help their clients build homes. In todays housing market in London it might be close to impossible to build or buy a property by yourself with out having a building society on your side. However, before choosing any firm, always make sure they are properly licensed and have the certifications to do the job.

Below are listed some of the top Building Societies located in London that can help you get started.


  • 1

    Chelsea Building Society, is part of one of the largest building societies in the UK, Yorkshire Building Society. They belongs to mutual organisation, owned by and run for members and not outside shareholders.

  • 2

    Skipton Building Society, is the UK's fourth largest building society. It is founded in 1853, Skipton enjoys a national presence represented by its 103 branches, covering Aberdeen to Plymouth, with over 850,000 members.

  • 3

    Leeds Building Society, is in the heart of Leeds which is the UK's main financial centre outside London. They have been helping people buy their own homes for over 125 years.

  • 4

    Nationwide, presents your choice with a fabulous replacement. They are helping you to make the most of your money and live life to the full by offering great savings on leading brands and giving you a chance to enter competitions.

  • 5

    Halifax PLC, stands as one of the UK's established providers of financial services. In addition to mortgages and savings accounts, they offer a wide range of personal financial services including long term savings, as well as home, motor and creditor insurance.

  • 6

    Alliance & Leicester Building Society, is a well-known society in London. Whether you're looking to pay off existing loans, consolidate credit, give your home a makeover or invest in a car, a Personal Loan could help you make it happen.

  • 7

    Yorkshire Building Society, is very economical and popular building society in London. All payments will be backdated to prevent loss of interest. They would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • 8

    Britannia Building Society, are pleased to be able to offer you access to a great range of current accounts. They create more happy customers than any other High Street bank. The Co-operative Bank has been voted number 1 for customer satisfaction for five years running.

  • 9

    Saffron Building Society, are not tied to any product provider and can offer products from all of the market. They operates on the same principles as the Building Socie

    ty like fairness, transparency and excellent customer service.

  • 10

    Jamaica National Building Society, is the product of a series of mergers pioneered by the Westmoreland Building Society. Today, Jamaica National is ranked among Jamaica’s la

    rgest financial institutions offering a blend of financial services.

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