List Of Childminders In London

A childminder is basically a chidcare provider who looks after a few kids from different families at his or her own property. On the other hand, nannies take care of children of a single family at their premises. These childminders come in handy in times of emergency, or if both parents are working. In the absence of parents or carers, these childminders take care of children in the best of ways so kids can not only perform their daily activities as usual, but they get to learn new things as well. Therefore, hiring a good childminder is not an easy task. So to make this search a bit easy for Londoners, a list of some childminders in London is given in this piece for the assistance of parents and carers.


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    Poly’s Childcare

    This is one of the well-established daycare providers/childminders in the British capital. Poly’s Childcare is registered with the Ofsted and Islington Childminders’ Association and has more than 10 years of experience in taking care of children. Londoners can find this childminder at Copenhagen Street in the London Borough of Islington.

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    Sam Morris Centre

    Another daycare service provider in the capital of Great Britain is Sam Morris Centre that is located in the north of the city. Sam Morris Centre has a decent repute when it comes to child care services and due to this reason it is quite famous among people residing around it. The staff members of this nursery are also loving and caring towards the kids.

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    Rosepul Services- Rose Case Childminder

    Rosepul Services - Rose Case Childminder can be found on 16 Inchmery Road in London. It is another fine name in the index of childminders operating in the capital. This nursery provides various facilities to children below 5 years of age so they could learn and play at the same time.

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    Active Cherubs Childminding Service

    At Active Cherubs Childminding Service, Londoners can get high standard of care for their children in lovely settings, giving each child equal chance to flourish in a home like environment. In addition to this, Active Cherubs Childminding Service also offers nanny service. People can visit them at their campus on Trouville Road in Greater London.

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    Little Haven Childminders

    Parents and carers living in the area of Islington who have children between 3 to 5 years of age can avail the services of Little Haven Childminders in the area. This daycare provider is registered with Ofsted as a childminding provider and it offers a nurturing and secure environment where children can excel in their early year education.

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    Thake A

    Thake A is the name of a childminder that is located at Swain Street in London and offers several services to children to make the time spent worthwhile. The number of children admitted in this nursery is also decent from which one can judge that parents and carers of children are satisfied with this centre’s performance.

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    Harmony At Home

    Those who are looking to hire a nanny to take care of their children at home can get in touch with Harmony At Home Nanny Agencies group. This agency has a decent repute and is known for providing excellent services and top-notch nannies. To know more details about this agency, Londoners can visit them on City Road in London.

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    Royal Nanies

    Royal Nanies is another fine childminder service provider in London from where Londoners can hire nannies for their young ones. Royal Nanies provides experienced nannies who do not take much time in adjusting to their duties. Plus they take great care of children and keep them happy.

  • 9

    A Home to Grow

    This childminding centre has lovely and colourful settings which allure the kids right away. In addition to this, A Home to Grow Childminding also provides educational toys to children according to their ages. A Home to Grow Childminding also provides daily activity details of children to their parents or carers.  

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    Notting Hill Childcare

    This childcare centre is another place for children which can be found on St. Lukes Road in London, where diverse facilities are offered to them. Notting Hill Childcare takes care of children in the best possible way so parents and carers can remain satisfied with their services and recommend them to others.

  • 11

    Butterfly Nannies

    The list of babysitting agencies operating in London also include the name of Butterfly Nannies that offers friendly and professional nanny and babysitter services throughout the capital. So those who are looking to hire high calibre nannies and sitters can contact them any hour of the day through their online booking service.

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    Faulkner S

    Mellitus Street in London also has a childminder centre which is known by the name of Faulkner S. This childminding centre provides all necessary services which one can expect from this type of establishment. Most of the children you will find at Faulkner S are usually from its surroundings.

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    Riley Nicole

    Parents and carers living around or near Queensbridge Road in London also want best care and love for their children when they are not with them. In this case Riley Nicole, a childminder, is a fine option for parents and carers of that region because children’s comfort is held high above all the things at this place.

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    Gina's Childminding Service

    Folks who want loving and caring home environment for their children in a childminding centre can opt for Gina's Childminding Service if they have an intention to go somewhere and there is no one to take care of their children. For parents and carers knowledge, staff at Gina's Childminding Service is fully qualified and it is also registered with Ofsted.

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    Pauline Borg

    Pauline Borg is a childminder that provides safe, secure and inspirational environment to kids along with full care and affection. This childminder is a complete peace of mind for parents and carers as they take great care of children’s development and growth by providing them the right settings.

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    Take a Break

    Pocock Street also has a childminder centre which can be found in Flat 33 at Pakeman House in London. This childminder centre is called Take a Break and offers childcare services for people residing in the capital. The level of service and commitment is pretty decent at Take a Break and parents will be satisfied with them.

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    Gardens Square Care

    Childminding services of Garden Square Centre are also quite decent and it has earned a good repute among the locals due to its fine efforts. This childminding centre can be found at 80B Lexham Gardens in London, where an ideal site is designed so children can feel at home despite being away from it.

  • 18

    Looking Glass Day Nursery & Preschool

    Those who are looking for both early year’s education and childcare services for children aged three months to five years can take the services of Looking Glass Day Nursery & Preschool in Tooting Bec. This childminding centre encourages children to learn by providing them a safe and happy environment.

  • 19


    Nasreen is another professional child minder that is offering her services to Londoners. This professional childminder is located at 21 Robinia Cr in the British capital. Parents and carers can avail her services or know more details of this childminder by getting in touch with her.   

  • 20

    Learning Fountain

    This childminding service is offered by a husband and wife who work together as professionals. Therefore, children will get the true love and care which one can expect from a couple. Learning Fountain welcomes children, parents and carers with an open heart, as they believe in delivering the best services only.

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