List of Clubs in Covent Garden London

Covent Garden is an area of London that was a trading market during Roman times. Today, the historical location is well kept and is still the center for shopping and is a hot tourist spot in the British Capital. The historic Covent Garden is located on the eastern rim of the West End, between Drury Lane and St. Martin’s Lane. With the number of visitors to the area, the district has seen major renovations and rejuvenation making it the perfect location for clubs that cater to all tastes. One site is used to hold different events like wedding parties, while others are used to hold sporting, comedy and dance events or classes and also several night clubs are present. If you are planning to go clubbing in Covent Garden, here is a list of different clubs in the Convent Garden, which you can add to your visit list.


  • 1

    Stringfellows Covent Garden, is a fully nude club. Where entertainment is for every young man, businessman and people belong to corporate sector.

  • 2

    Verve, is another sleek ans stylish club, located in the heart of London. The venue is perfect from lunch times until late night.

  • 3

    The Penthouse, is one of the famous night clubs in London. The kitchen and bar of the club is at seventh floor, where you can experience sky dinning.

  • 4

    Le Garrick Brasserie Restaurant, is well established bar and bistro that is serving Londoners for 25 years now. Here you will find traditional french menu.

  • 5

    The Hospital Club, is a venue that you can hire for private parties, weddings or other events. This huge facility comprises of seven floors and is maintained by an award winning company.

  • 6

    The Covent Garden Cocktail Club, is another party venue for Londoners which well-known for its music, food and drinks.

  • 7

    Garrick Club, was establishing way back in 1831 and is a private members  club. The venue offers dining facilities, accommodation, events for exclusive members and a theatrical library.

  • 8

    12 Bar Club, is a small venue in London where you can see four acts in a night, seven days a week. Here you can enjoy solo to full band performances.

  • 9

    The Tango Club, is a venue where you can learn tango dance form.  Aside from coaching classes the site also used for different tango dance events.

  • 10

    Boxing Clinic Boxing Club, is an advance boxing school for everyone. Here classes of different angles of punches are conducted in different timings.

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