List of Dancing Schools in London

Dancing is way of expressing your feeling in various moods. Different types of dances allow you to choose your type of dancing style. London has a lot of schools offering dancing classes. Few dance types have been well known to the youngsters are Hip Hop, Freestyle, Jazz, Break Dance, Belly Dance, Salsa, Pole Dance and few others. The Ballet dance style is one of the famous elegant dance styles. It has also been learnt by many young girls in London. In past few years many street dance styles have fused with former dance style and created new forms. The fusion dancing has been very popular in last few years and has also attracted many to its colourful world.

If you want to learn a specific dance style then there are some schools that are specialised to teach a single form. It is better to search for a school that is specialised in teach a single dance form. You can find expert trainers that will help to learn in the best way. Here we will guide you about the best dance schools in London.


  • 1

    The Royal Ballet School

    Is offering you specialised training in ballet dancing. The school has professional trainers that teach you at its level best. The institute aims to train and educate ballet dancers for The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet.

  • 2

    Royal Academy Of Dance

    Is known as one of the best teaching academy in London. The organisation is working on international scale. It aims to promote he dancing as a career and profession.

  • 3

    The Basement Dance Studio

    Is offering you several types of forms. It has scheduled classes for each dance form. It has programmes to teach Jazz, Disco Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Pole Dance, Jamaican, Afro Cuban and several other dance forms.

  • 4

    Central School of Ballet

    Is a unique school that offers to teach ballet dancing at its best level. It has been teaching dance in London for several years, it was established in 1982. It provides different classes and sessions for adults and children.

  • 5

    Westminster School of Performing Arts

    Is a special school that has designed exclusive programmes for teaching Salsa and Latin American dances. You can also learn several other dance forms at the institute.

  • 6

    English National Ballet School

    Was founded in 1988 and since has been aimed to teach the classic ballet dance. It has been teaching ballet dance to promote its classic form to the widest range of audiences.

  • 7

    London Contemporary Dance School

    Is teaching contemporary dance in combinations with ballet dance. In the programme students are also taught cerography and other supporting subjects.

  • 8

    Pole Dancing School

    Was founded by Elena Gibson taught classic ballerina dance form. After her accident she discovered the pole dance to regain her fitness. Now pole dance has gained fame and is learnt by many people as a proper dance form.

  • 9

    City Academy

    Is a London based performing art academy. It has designed programmes for teach dancing, singing, acting, musical theatre and other performing arts.

  • 10

    Dance Connection

    Provides personal lessons and dance classes in London. It has been teaching dance in London for about 20 years.

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