List of Dog Bite Lawyers in London

In London City, most of the people live in very close proximity to pets of their own or anyone else. Therefore the chances of being bitten tends to increase significantly. In the event, that you are bitten by another person animal the liability in most cases falls on the owner of the animal. If you or some one close to you has been the victim of a dog attack, you know the physical and mental pain that comes along with it. If you need to recover the expenses related to the medical bills and loss of income then you will need to employ the services of a dog bite lawyer in London. These specialist lawyers can assist you in any legal proceedings or negotiations related to the dog attack or deal with insurance companies to give you the maximum amount of compensation. Below is a list of top dog bite lawyers operating in London to get you started on your search for the right attorney.


  • 1

    Simpson Millar LLP, is providing legal services to individuals, businesses and trade unions across the UK with their forward-thinking team.

  • 2

    Law Claim, is dealing in wide range of claims including dog bite. They are dealing injury claims for two decades now.

  • 3

    Accident Advice Helpline, is one of the leading personal injurycompensation law firm in the UK.

  • 4

    Leigh Day and Co, is a team of solicitors that has specialised in different injury claims including personal injury. Company also handles injury claims outside UK.

  • 5

    Stewarts Law, is offering legal services to make a claim for different injuries. Aside from that they also provide their client expert advice.

  • 6

    Levenes, is a law firm that offers different legal services and also practices in the injury law. They have offices in London and Birmingham, where solicitors are specialised in compensation claims.

  • 7

    Balinda and Co, offers all kinds of legal services regarding injuries. With a team of lawyers that has years of practice in making such claims.

  • 8

    Osbornes Solicitors, specialises in injury claims apart from divorce, property, family and other laws.

  • 9

    Fentons Solicitors, is another reputed law firm that is based in London, United Kingdom. They are specialised personal injury claimant.

  • 10

    Fairlaw Personal Injury Solicitors, has years of experience in injury claim practice and provides free legal advice to their clients across the country.

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