List of DUI Lawyers in London

Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination and if you have been caught doing so in London, you may be in danger of loosing your license. Any DUI Lawyer in London will tell you that road violations involving alcohol are taken seriously in London. Multiple violations may lead to confiscation of your driver license. This can be distressing but drink driving lawyers in London have specialized in the practice of traffic and road law and can help you keep your driving privileges. If you are in danger of loosing your case in court you can try contacting one of the DUI Lawyers in London listed below.


  • 1

    Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, offer highly specialized drink driving advice to their clients in London. They offer a city lawyer feel by being attentive and caring towards their clients.

  • 2

    Carter Moore Solicitors, offer legal advice to clients that need help wit numerous motoring offenses including drinking and driving. They also deal with drink ban appeal, failing to provide a specimen and driving license issue.

  • 3

    Hodge Jones & Allen LLP, offer a 24 hour hot-line to contact lawyers for DUI advice. They specialize in cases that involve drinking and driving and can sometimes get cases dismissed based on their expertise.

  • 4

    Christian Khan, maintain two offices in London and specialize in criminal law and action against the police. They also a good DUI practice that deals with clients who have committed alcohol related motoring offenses.

  • 5

    Hickman & Rose, is an established solicitors firm based in London. In general the company deals with criminal law and human rights law. A sub section of their practice includes Drinkn Driving violations.

  • 6

    BSB, is a solicitors office that deals in several different types of criminal law. They also advice clients that have road matter cases in which they are in danger of losing their license.

  • 7

    Hylton Potts Legal Consultants, specializes in cases that deal with motoring offences. They can help clients keep their driving license from being taken away.

  • 8

    Blake Lapthorn Solicitors, is a law firm that offer various legal services including DUI cases. They extensive in dealing with client that are in danger of losing their driving privileges because of road offenses.

  • 9

    McKenzies Solicitors, deals in many aspects of criminal law and their team tries to offer the highest quality of service for their clients. Drink driving violations are also one of the types of criminal cases they have experience in.

  • 10

    McCormacks Law, are criminal law defense attorneys that are one of the leading law firms in London. they undertake magistrates’ court and Crown Court cases all over England and Wales.

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