List of DWI Lawyers in London

In the past few years traffic authorities of London has increased their number of fixed and movable cameras on the roads of the city due to increasing traffic violations. A number of these traffic violations fall in the category of over speeding, which are mostly committed by drunk drivers. Since drinking and driving is a dangerous combination therefore driver’s licence can be confiscated for this motoring offense. Confiscation of licence can be pretty distressing for anyone but lawyers who practices in drunk while intoxicated law can help their clients to keep this privilege. If you are also caught for the same offence then, here is a list of DWI lawyers in London that can provide you legal guidance.


  • 1

    Driving Defences Solicitors, is set of specialist lawyers that deals in all kinds of driving offenses including drink driving.

  • 2

    Mary Monson Solicitors, are specialist motoring offense attorneys. Theyoffer legal services in almost all kinds of motoring offenses.

  • 3

    Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, is providing legal defence to drivers throughout UK. They have expertise in almost all driving offenses.

  • 4

    Kaim Todner Solicitors Ltd, are experienced in representing those charged with road traffic violation in London.

  • 5

    BSB Law, is a law firm that deals in numerous legal practices including road traffic matters. Provides advice in speeding, drink driving and other related issues.

  • 6

    Old Bailey Solicitors, is a team of lawyers that have extensive experience in different law practices. They also practice in road traffic violation law.

  • 7

    Corker Binning, is a firm that is based in the heart of London and specialises  in different categories of law practices. This includes drink driving and related violations practice too.

  • 8

    David Phillips Partners Solicitors, deals in driving offenses and offers their clients no win no fee policy.

  • 9

    Tuckers Solicitors, is operating in three cities of UK, London, Manchester and Birmingham. The firm provide guidance and legal representation to their clients that are involved in different traffic violations including drink driving.

  • 10

    Morgan Brown & Cahill Solicitors, provides legal support to traffic violators including drink driving.

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