List of Employment Lawyers in London

London has many employment law firms and individual practitioners who provide services to companies and individual clients regarding employment issues that include drafting necessary letters, defending employees against disciplinary actions, helping employees bring claims for unfair dismissals and other issues. While looking for an employment solicitor or firm, reputation is a basic criteria used to filter reliable lawyers from the more unsavoury types. You should also check out a lawyers track record and speak with previous clients to see if the employment lawyer is the right match for your needs. We have prepared a step by step list of top employment lawyers in London that will help you find a reliable solicitor.


  • 1

    The Employment Law Practitioners, are popular for their best advice with some easy to take steps in London. They offer highly individualistic employment law services to meet the requirements of the scenario which is different for each client.

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    Herefords Employment Solicitors, are specialised in providing high quality employment advice to individual clients throughout the London. Herefords offer unique cost effective services for the small to medium sized businesses and employees.

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    Ola Leslie Solicitors, are most popular employment lawyer in London. They are specialised in providing to provide easy and time effective solution to individuals and small businesses.

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    Southampton Row Solicitors, have specialised team to deal with the problems that individuals face including employment and disputes. They help employees raise grievances against employers and draft necessary letters, defend employees against disciplinary action, advice employees about restrictive covenants and other contractual issues.

  • 5

    Employment Lawyers Ltd, is a firm that is formed with the joint collaboration of the popular lawyers and solicitors that are specialised in employment affairs. They give dynamic advice to employees and employers and cover comprehensive issues of employments.

  • 6

    Partners Employment Lawyers, provide employment advice to people in London and are specialised in employment law throughout England. They offer phone advice to representation in complex employment tribunal and high court actions.

  • 7

    Kervin & Barnes Solicitors, have dealt with some of the largest law firms and financial institutions in British Capital. Company is comprised of lawyers that are specialised in providing all employment issues in short time and deal all court related issues.

  • 8

    Twenty Twenty Law, is one of the employment law firms that have been given top rank by the Chamber and Partners in London. They deal in complex employment problems faced by the employers and employees.

  • 9

    Rebecca Emmett Employment Law, is a single member employment law company that provide employment law services throughout London. Rebecca was graduated in 1998 and since then she has managed to enter her name in some of the top employment lawyers in London.

  • 10

    Nationwide Employment Lawyers, are re providers of the best employment services to their clients. They have a specialised team which is fully equipped with employment affairs dealing experience across the World.

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