List of Ethiopian Restaurants in London

Ethiopian Restaurants are considered one of the most delicious restaurants in London. Although the Ethiopian society in London is limited, with just 20,000 representatives, but East African restaurants are located all around the city. Normally, Ethiopian food consists of mixture of injera (flatbread) with dissimilar wats, yet each varied cultural assembly has their unique difference. Coffee services are also accessible at a number of the restaurants, concerning a long process of boiling, crushing and permeating beans for an alien cup of joe. There are number of Ethiopian Restaurants in London. Few of them are follows:


  • 1

    Kokeb Ethiopian Restaurant

    Situated in north London this entity is very common in the community living nearby. This most running eatery serves dishwares such as sauteed beef and weathered butter, pan-fried entire fish, beef simmer and marinated rooster.

  • 2

    Addis Restaurant

    In the centre of the King’s Cross district, is located a magnificent restaurant giving a touch of Ethiopian meals to the best. This brilliantly adorned restaurant has been attributed on the BBC and presents a big set of choices, with seven starters on the bill of fare. Addis also dishes up trade in beers and wines and offers coffee ceremonies.

  • 3

    Abyssinia Restaurant

    Features delicious and tasty dishes and contains a varitey of food. In Abyssinia, you can also enjoy lot of eateries in one time.

  • 4

    Damera Ethiopian Restaurant

    It is placed in Shepherd's Bush, west of London's business district region. This eatery offers conventional dishes such as atypical marinated beef and slow-cooked doro wot and in Ethiopian butter.

  • 5

    Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant

    Has a solid music system from live musicians and categorizing can take much time from a menu complete of dishes like wot, tibs and kifko.

  • 6

    The Queen of Sheba

    Is a family restaurant and is scamper in a helpful yet relaxed way that assures a temperate, welcoming and tranquil atmosphere.

  • 7

    Peacock Ethiopian Restaurant

    Is a luxurious and beautiful restaurant having tasty and delicious food to catch up the customers.

  • 8

    Muna's Restaurant

    Contains Sudanese, Eritrean, injera, aubergine and platter to give the people lot of choice.

  • 9


    Has a collection of eight various vegetarian or non-vegetarian saucers from their list of options.

  • 10


    Is a well-known ehtiopian restaurant which contains spices, low tables, injera, pancake and stews.

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