List of Evening Classes in London

Evening classes are quite popular in London just like in any other city of the world as more and more professionals and regular students enroll into various certifications after getting free from their routine work or college. Due to these evening classes, today a person can learn and work at the same time, which not only improves his or her skills but also gives a good jump to the career.  Students can participate in language or other classes, which will help them later in their field or career. Therefore, the trend of evening classes is getting stronger and stronger and institutions are also making efforts in starting new courses every now then, which is not letting the demand of evening classes go down.


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    Stocks, Shares and Investments Training

    To train for stocks, shares and investment, Londoners can now enroll in such courses which are carried out at an institution called Futuretrend during evenings. This institution can found in Enfield that is in the north of the British capital and they are carrying out evening classes of these courses since December 2000.

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    Drama and Theatre Evening Class

    Drama and Theatre evening classes also take place in London. One such evening class of Drama and Theatre also takes place at International Hall in Camden. The fee for this Drama and Theatre evening class starts from £300.00 per person. Former faculty of Birkbeck College conducts these evening classes.

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    Foundation Diploma in Human Resource Practice

    Those who are interested in doing a Foundation Diploma in Human Resource Practice will find such a course in the evening at Selhurst Consulting. The fee of this Foundation Diploma in Human Resource Practice starts from £2700.00. Interested people can enroll in this course either on weekends, evenings or part-time during the day.

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    Typing for Beginners Certificate

    Now folks in the capital of Great Britain can learn typing by enrolling into a Typing for Beginners Certificate which is offered at Pitman Training in Notting Hill. The fee for this certification is £308.00 and with the help of this evening class, one will soon be able to type correctly without looking at the keyboard.

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    English Language GCSE Level 2

    English Language GCSE Level 2 is a nice way for people to get back into the groove of academic studies, and for people who want to enroll into a university course. English Language GCSE Level 2 is being offered at Lewisham College and the fee to become a part of this evening class is around £325.00.

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    Introduction to Studio Lighting Photography Workshop

    This photographic workshop is basically a two days evening class and is offered at Photoion Photography School which is located in the southeast side of the British capital. Even though Introduction to Studio Lighting Photography Workshop is a two days evening class, but its enrollment fee is still a bit high £295.00.

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    Web Design

    Web Designing courses are quite popular among Londoners and several institutions are conducting its classes. However, in evening, Training Dragon is offering web designing classes in London under the supervision of an expert teacher, and the fee of this class starts from £550.00.

  • 8

    Secretary PA Diploma

    There are several people in the capital who want to pursue their career as a secretary or PA. Thanks to Souters Training Centre, such people can now have a sound and practical knowledge of being a secretary or PA through their evening class. The charges for this short course begin from £699.00.

  • 9

    Post-Qualifying Certificate in Working with the Couple in Mind

    You will find some unique short course classes in the evening along with other popular certifications. One such course is Post-Qualifying Certificate in Working with the Couple in Mind that is offered at Wpf Therapy in London. This course is specially designed for independently trained counselors.

  • 10

    Public Relations and Marketing Professional Diploma ITOL

    During this evening course, students will go through topics like introduction to Public Relations, marketing communication and process of PR. With the help of this course, people can enhance their PR and marketing skills. School of Public Relations in Kensington and Chelsea offers this course in the evening with a fee starting from £1200.00.

  • 11

    Photoshop: beginners (for D/deaf people)

    Now some institutions in London are offering evening classes of various courses for disabled people as well, and City LIT is one of them. This institution is situated on Keeley Street in London and offers beginners' Photoshop course in the evening to deaf people by charging £90.00 to each student.

  • 12

    Bookkeeping for Intermediates

    Different bookkeeping courses are offered to people residing in the capital of Great Britain. With the help of this Bookkeeping for Intermediates - Module 2, people can now further enhance their knowledge and it will also help them in developing better skills. PitmanTraining London at High Holborn is offering this course in the evening.

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    Montessori Early Childhood Diploma (MCI)

    This is a teachers’ training course that is offered by Egypt Exploration Society in just £188.00. In this Montessori, Early Childhood Diploma (MCI) participants will get to learn about development, assessment and observation of children along with the philosophy of the Montessori. The charges for this evening class are £188.00 and Montessori Centre International will conduct this course.

  • 14

    Balloon Artistry Beginners Certificate

    Although there are not many balloon artists in the British capital, but there are still some people who want to learn this art. Capel Manor College in Enfield is offering evening classes for Balloon Artistry Beginners CG 7111 Certificate. They teach artistry on both foil and latex balloons in exchange for £288.00 fee.

  • 15

    Feature and Corporate Writing Certificate

    The current antagonism in various industries has raised the importance of feature and corporate writing. Therefore, youngsters often get allured by a Feature and Corporate Writing Certificate, which helps them enhance their writing skills. Such certification is offered at London School of Publishing in Kensington and Chelsea for £576.00 fee.  

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    Event Management Training Diploma

    Terbell Ltd Evening Classes London is offering an Event Management Training Diploma in the evening with the help of which participants of the course will get to learn the art of co-ordination, event planning and other related things. The fee for this event management course in the evening is £1198.80.

  • 17

    Certificate in French Language Teaching to Adults

    Various certificates attract today’s adults but among these courses, teaching draws more interest than any other certification and among such courses, French teaching is quite popular. This course is good for initial teaching and it is offered by International House London in Camden. Its fee starts from £1350.00.

  • 18

    Sculpture Finishing Workshop

    Several sculpture workshops in different institutions also carry out evening classes from which the participants can learn Sculpture Finishing. Morely College in Pelham Hall, London conducts such classes in the evening. Londoners can learn this art from this institution for just £10.00, which is not too hard to afford.

  • 19

    ESOL Entry 2 Certificate

    This course best suits students who require help to improve their writing, reading and study skills. Classes of ESOL Entry 2 Certificate take place at Westminster Kingsway College both in the day and evening time. In order to learn more about fee and other details of this course, get in touch with its management.   

  • 20

    Greek Beginner's

    Londoners can also learn the oldest languages of the world, as Lexis School of Languages offers a Greek language course for beginners in the evening and the fee for this certification is £16000.00. So now you can influence thought and languages of all the regions in the world by learning Greek from this institution.

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