List of Extreme Sports Venues in London

Extreme Sports are all about the excitement and adrenaline. Up until recently, if you lived in London then you had to go somewhere else to take part in most types of extreme sports. However, there is now a new wave of events and venues that have hit London town and peaked the interest of many residents. Today, there are numerous opportunities for adrenaline junkies and newbies to experience the thrills and spills of extreme sports. From skate parks to indoor skydiving, London has it all now. This also includes experiences on water like surfing, kayaking and canoeing. If you want to try the best extreme sports venues in London then go through our list below and have the time of your life.


  • 1

    Westway Sports Centre, is considered the best climbing wall in London. It has numerous events all year round and caters to all enthusiasts including beginners and advanced climbers.

  • 2

    Argonauts, is a club that offers dive certifications and events. The group is located in London and lets you experience the thrills of diving as a sport.

  • 3

    BTYC Sailsport, is a sailing club that has open membership. They run numerous events through out the year and also offer dinghy sailing and windsurfing in London.

  • 4

    Kite Vibe, is a London based club that excel at power kiting. The relatively new sport is catching on fast and offers lots of speed and thrills.

  • 5

    BaySixty6 Skatepark , is the latest attraction for skateboarders in London. The concrete skate area is sponsored by Xbox and holds numerous events each month.

  • 6

    Cantelowes Skatepark, is a park built by wheelscape. It was originally built for the residents and youth of the area and has become a popular destination for skaters.

  • 7

    Tower Paintball, offers exciting paintball action in the heart of London. The indoor location is perfect for gr

    oup events and is designed to give you maximum thrills.

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