List of Green Card Lawyers in London

After the events of September 11, seeking immigration to the US or acquiring a green card has become a confusing task because of all the legal issues. IF you live in London and want to make your move to the US go smoothly as possible, it is best to seek out a competent green card or immigration lawyer. Since this is a specialized field of law, it is tough to sort out which green card lawyers to choose from the many solicitors in London. In order to make the transition to the US along with your family or business you need to located an attorney that has a good track record. Always ask your green card lawyer for testimonials of past cases and clients. Also make sure that your solicitor is properly licensed and has immigration certifications from related bodies. Step by Step brings you a list of the leading green card lawyers working in London to ease your search for the perfect match.


  • 1

    Ferman Law, firm is providing consultancy in various fields including temporary work and visitor visas, immigrant visas and adjustments of status green cards, naturalization and citizenship.

  • 2

    Paragon Law, is a leading law firm in the world of immigration and green card services and it is now working and advising individuals and businesses on making successful visa applications to China, India and the USA.

  • 3

    Macfarlanes LLP, are advisers to many of the world's leading businesses and business leaders, Macfarlanes offers discerning clients an alternative to the world's legal giants in the field of green card and immigration.

  • 4

    Immigration One, a well-versed with investment, employment, and family-based visas in their jurisdiction.  Their specialities include L-1 visas, H-1B visas, E-2 visas, Tier 1 Business visas, UK Work Permits, K-1 fiance visas, U.S. green cards, UK settlement visas as well as Surrogacy-based immigration.

  • 5

    Dotan Cohen Law Offices, dealing in green cards and immigration providing services.

  • 6

    Hodkinson Law Group, immigration lawyers at Hodkinson Law Group provide in-depth knowledge and personalised U.S. immigration legal expertise to a wide range of businesses and individual clients.

  • 7

    UK Visa Partners, people who are interested in migrating or obtaining permanent residence Green Card to the UK can acquire their services.

  • 8

    Visa Bureau, have helped thousands of people immigrate, travel and work around the world and acquiring green cards in UK and United States.

  • 9

    Gudeon & McFadden, practising exclusively  US immigration and nationality law.

  • 10

    Right Solicitors, provides a comprehensive and personal service to a broad spectrum of local and national clients. ‎

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