List of Herbalists in London

Have you ever looked at the side-effects of the medicines you take from the local pharmacy? They are horrifying to say the least. That is why many people living in metropolitan cities like London are turning back to ancient cures like herbal medicine. Today, medical herbalists can provide you with gentle healing with out all the nasty side-effects connected with pharmaceuticals. Herbalists in London have reported a jump in their business over the last couple of years because it seems that Londoners are looking for alternatives tot he harsh medications prevalent in contemporary drug stores. Herbalists offer numerous services and can also provide Chinese herbal medicine acupuncture and massage therapy. If you want to try true herbal healing methods then check out our step by step index of herbalists in London.


  • 1

    Richard Adams Herbalist, is a medical herbalist located in London. He deals in diet, nutrition, exercise and relaxation methods. His medicine is plant based with no animal products.

  • 2

    Turquoise Ray Ltd, is run by Medical Herbalist, Tracy Tutty, who has extensive experience in dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stress and Reiki healing.

  • 3

    Wonder Herbs,  specializes in chinese herbal remedies including Herbal Tonic & Herbal Tea, Acupuncture and Medical Qi-Gong Treatment. They provide massage and acupuncture at their location.

  • 4

    Grant Deborah, is a well known herbalist based out of London and practicing at the Hale Clinic. She has been featured in publications, news channels and TV programs.

  • 5

    The Green Healer, is a clinic that practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The clinic can also provide consultations in multiple different alternative medicine fields and languages.

  • 6

    The Family Medical Herbalist,  is run by herbalist Elena Renier who is an experienced practitioner of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Her clinic specializes in allergy, skin and bowel ailments.

  • 7

    Culpeper, is run by Antony Batty & Stephen Evans. They are experienced herbalists that offer top notch care for their patients.

  • 8

    Archway Clinic Of Herbal Medicine, has been in business for 12 years. It aims to provide cheap medicine and treatment to the local community.

  • 9

    Chinese Medical Centre, is run by Dr. Vincent Yu. The clinic looks to establish high quality centers all over London to provide the best herbal care for their patients.

  • 10

    Hamaz Elsa, is a herbalist that is also a member of the National Institute for Medical Herbalists (NIMH). She provides care for her patients at her center by using traditional and modern techniques.

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