List of Hot Air Balloon Shops near London

Long gone are the days when a party was all about cakes, some friends and balloons that were blown up in the air. Today, people want to celebrate their parties, weddings or other special occasions in different style or rather in an adventurous way. One of these different styles are getting very popular all across UK is celebrating a party, wedding or other events on hot air balloons. However, now these hot air balloons are also used for the marketing of different brands and companies or for shooting pictures or movies. Therefore, its not any more a way to catch birds eye view from the top or celebrating an event by slowly floating in the air. As, several corporate and businesses have started marketing their products with the help of these hot air balloons which float over different areas in UK. Some of these corporate companies are frequently using hot air balloons for marketing therefore, getting them on rent is costing them a lot of pounds. So such companies have started buying their own hot air balloons. These hot air balloons are manufactured on order as they either have companies logos or their brand ads printed on them. Whereas, some companies order to manufacture hot air balloon, likeĀ  the shape of their product i.e. beer bottle or others. If you are also looking to promote your business or product through hot air balloon, below is the list of some manufacturers in UK that are providing such balloons throughout UK.


  • 1

    Cameron Balloons Ltd, is a well established and world's largest manufacturer of hot air balloons based in UK. Providing their products in different parts of Great Britain.

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    Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Ltd, is not just manufacturing the high quality hot air balloons but also providing balloons for marketing campaigns in UK.

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    Hot Air Balloon Flying Adverts, is providing hot air balloon advertisement throughout United Kingdom along with corporate entertainment, parties, events, TV, film and photo-shoot.

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    Ultramagic Balloons, is manufacturing and designing hot air balloons formore than 25 years now. Now they are the second largest hot air balloon manufacturer in the world.

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