List of Hypnotherapists in London

First, we should aware of hypnotherapy. It is basically a treatment that is commenced with a matter in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is not a thrilling capsule. It needs that the customer be dedicated to change and set to make the attempt to make that change as an actuality. It cannot oblige you to make any modification against your willpower.

Hypnotherapy assists people to make alterations in their usual routines. That’s the reason, Hypnotherapists gets popularity. In London, there are many veteran hypnotherapists and due to their satisfactory treatment, people often use to go there and examines them properly.

Some of the experienced hypnotherapists are,


  • 1

    Alicia Eaton

    Has a specialization in overcoming some troubles with dyslexia, reading, spelling, attention and reminiscence.

  • 2

    Peter Moule

    Is an experienced hypnotherapist. He uses a wide collection of talent, structures and procedures as a means of self-awareness as well as presenting impulsiveness, humour, eagerness and understanding.

  • 3

    Ayse Banbridge

    Is a specialized, listed hypnotherapist in North London. She skilled with the International Association of Pure Hypno-Analysts (IAPH) and grasp an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis as well as an Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling.

  • 4

    Alison Munro

    Is a trained hypnotherapist and presenting clinical treatment for different physical and touching indications.

  • 5

    Alix Needham

    Is a completely trained hypnotherapist placed in Central London providing hypnotherapy to men and women from all saunters of life.

  • 6

    Paul Douglass

    Is to present a tailored Hypno birthing service bespoke around you, your own individual concerns and matters, whether they be concerning formation, your pregnancy, the birth of your baby or managing with being a new parent you can get your problems been solved by Paul Douglass.

  • 7

    Isabella Sommerville

    Was initially skilled with British Hypnosis Research (BHR) with Stephen Brooks at St Annes Hospital.

  • 8

    Andra Sollmann

    Is an experienced hypnotherapist and overcome anxiety and depression by checking the patient completely.

  • 9

    Angela Elliott

    Do hypnotherapy for variety of problems involving phobias, self-assurance, smoking, connection issues, anxiety and phase fear.

  • 10

    Andrew Cunningham

    Assertively advocate his services to you as someone who is skilled and efficient in helping customers overcome their troubles.

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