List of Investment Companies in London

In finance and economics investment has two different denotations. Finance investment means that you have invested money into something with the anticipation of gain along with a high degree of security for the principal amount and also of the return, within the given period.

However, when you invest your money into something without having much knowledge about it, without having any security of principal amount and return it is called speculation or gambling. Here appears the role of the investment companies.

An investment company is considered as a company that made investments on behalf of it’s shareholders into diverse securities of other companies and in return profits and losses are shared between these investors. These investment companies are extremely beneficial for such investors that either don’t know how to or where to invest or don’t have much time to keep a proper track of their investments.

Usually there are three types of these investment companies in the world

(a) Open-End Management Investment Companies (Mutual Fund)
(b) Closed-End Management Investment Companies (Close-end Fund)
(c) UITs (unit investment trusts). Mutual funds are most renowned in this category.

There are several investment companies that are now offering their services in London. Below is the list of some of the well-known investment companies along with their contact details, i.e. phone number, address, email and website.


  • 1

    CVC Capital Partners Ltd

    Is a huge name when it comes to largest private equity firms globally. The company holds US$46 billion funds and their main focus of CVC is management buyouts. The company has over 250 investments in different industries and regions of the world.

  • 2

    Apax Partners LLP

    Is a worldwide private equity and venture capital firm that is based in London. Since it’s origin, the company has been able to raise roughly $35 billion funds. Currently Apax is operating from eight different offices across the world.

  • 3


    Is another UK based private equity firm that had spread it’s wings now in different parts of the world. The firm recommends funds and at this stage is operating with roughly €20 billion.

  • 4

    Terra Firma Capital Partners Ltd (TFCP)

    One of the leading investment companies based in U.K. which had earned good repute in very short span of time.

  • 5

    Charterhouse Capital Partners

    A well-known name in the private equity industry that is also based in U.K. The main objective of the firm is leveraged buyout of recognized and solid businesses.

  • 6


    A private equity firm that was established in 1977 and maintains a head office in London, United Kingdom. Aside from that main office the company also have offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Hong Kong.

  • 7

    3i Group

    An international venture capital and also a private equity firm that holds headquarter in Central Europe (London). The group is currently being operated from 13 other offices in different parts of the world. The total assets of this 3i worth £12.7 billion and they still looking to raise more.

  • 8

    Bridgepoint Capital

    Has approximately £11.4 billion funds, which it had raised from it’s different offices including their headquarter in London, U.K.

  • 9

    Barclays Capital

    Is a British based worldwide investment bank. Barclays Capital is a division of Barclays plc. Barclays Capital maintains a financial statement of over £1.2 trillion. This capital venture provides monetary and risk management services to big private and government institutions along with other companies.

  • 10

    Duke Street Capital

    Mainly invests in leverage buyout and is based in London, U.K. Duke Street Capital had made investments in different industrial and commercial sectors.

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