List of Japanese Restaurants in London

London foodies love sushi. There is just something exotic about fresh fish and seafood that takes a customer into a different world when dining at a Japanese restaurant. Japanese eateries have been serving the residents of London for some years now, with popular spots having a cult following. Healthy and natural, Japanese cuisine has already made its mark in the British capital. If you have yet to take the step and try a Japanese restaurant then now is the time to do so. A rich culture and eye catching food await you as you start your journey with our step by step list of Japanese restaurants in London:


  • 1

    Matsuri St James's, was opened in 1993 in the heart of Mayfair and soon became a popular restaurant in London due to its traditional Japanese dishes such. The most famous dishes of Matsuri St James’s are sushi and tempura.

  • 2

    Tsuru, is run by three friends Jon, Emma and Kensuke who aims at providing the best and top quality Japanese food in London.   

  • 3

    Hazuki, is a traditional Japanese restaurant in London which cooks and serves food in Japanese style. The ambiance of the restaurant is incredible and the taste of the food is unforgettable.

  • 4

    Chisou, specializes in all major Japanese recipes. From menu to a cooked meal, everything is done in a tradition manner which reflects a typical Japanese restaurant.

  • 5

    Hi Sushi (Soho), offers lunch and dinner in an absolute Japanese environment. On top of that, Hi Sushi provides a mixture of aspiration and affordability.

  • 6

    Feng Sushi, is a mixture of a traditional and modern Japanese cuisine which uses a unique approach towards cooking and serving meals.

  • 7

    Umu, is among the finest Japanese cuisines in London which specializes in major traditional dishes of Japan. The taste is of the restaurant is absolutely amazing and price is quite affordable.

  • 8

    Soho Japan, is one of the best eating place in London which specializes in Japanese food. The eating experience at Soho Japan is absolutely amazing if you are a Japanese food lover

  • 9

    Miyama. is a great restaurant in the heart of London which deals in Japanese cuisine. Miyama is known for serving the finest sushi and Teppanyaki in the city.

  • 10

    Sushi Hiroba, specializes in sushi which is the most popular dish of the Japanese cuisine. The eating experience at Sushi Hiroba is wonderful and affordable.

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