List of Long Term Disability Lawyers in London

If you are suffering from long term disability, you may get caught into situation when your insurance company refuses to offer you medication and treatment at any stage during disability. In order to get out of this complex situation you need to hire a solicitors  who enjoys good fame in filing a long term disability compensation claims. Many law firms in London has dedicated a department of specialized long term disability solicitors. Here is a step by step list of long term disability lawyers in London from where you can start your search.


  • 1

    Ridouts Solicitors, is niche practice of outstanding long term disability related issues. The law firm have more than 100 lawyers working on different sections including long term disability affairs.

  • 2

    Bevan Brittan, is dedicated to help the patients having long term disability and their insurance company has declined to cover their insurace. They have qualified team of proffesionals, each with more than 10 years of experience.

  • 3

    Brachers law firm, is working in the field of long term disability for more than 50 years and since then has been successful in their lawsuits.

  • 4

    Fenchurch Law Solicitors, is an attorney firm which has a specialized department of qualified solicitors who enjoys good repute in long term disability cases.

  • 5

    Bates Wells and Braith Solicitors, is popular in niche long term disability cases. The firm has young and energatic lawyers that provide in depth services. They help their clients get 100 percent compensation.

  • 6

    Parlett Kent, is long time established firm of qualified solicitors who enjoys individual repute in long term disability compensation cases. The firm was established in 1980 and since then has managed to name in good names of solicitors.

  • 7

    Bindmans, has established department of qualified and expereienced lawyers, who are working in the field of long term disability for many years.

  • 8

    Wiseman Lee, is a specialised firm in the field of medical related issues. They offer their services in long term disability cases for mroe than 50 years.

  • 9

    Bolt Burdon Kemp, is a specialist firm dedicated to offer their services in the field of long term disbaility. They have about 100 lawyers working on different fields other than medical affairs.

  • 10

    Levenes, are specialised in the field of claims. They offer their services in different medical related issues like long term disbaility, medicla malpractice and many others.

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