List of Martial Arts Schools in London

A lot of us start loving martial arts after watching movies with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Tony Jaa. In some cases, we wish to pursue our interests further and actually learn a martial art. The decision to take up a martial art can be confusing. There are numerous types of martial arts including Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Shotokun to name a few. Each one is distinct in their origin and their purpose. Some are pure sport, some are ancient arts and some are meant for self defence. As a student, you must first figure out what you want out of your chosen martial arts and then make an informed decision. A beginner should make a well thought out choice because martial arts take many years to master and you want to be sure that you are investing your time and money into something you are truly going to love.

Once you have made a choice you can have a look at the some of the listed schools believe to start your journey. We have listed an index of Martial Arts Schools in London below to make the choice easier:


  • 1

    London Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu academy, is a well reputed institute that focuses on providing self defence and fitness classes to its students. The instructors are all trained in Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu, which they believe is the best form of martial arts for self defence and fitness.

  • 2

    Budokwai, trains a huge spectrum of athletes from beginners to Olympians. They offer Judo, Karate, Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu. They also offer classes for toddlers.

  • 3

    Roger Gracie Academy, is the training institute of world-famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial artist, Roger Gracie. He come from good stock and is the grandson of Carlos Gracie, a legendary figure in the world of MMA.

  • 4

    Pa Kua School, teaches ancient oriental studies and is well established around the world. The organisation teaches martial art, self defence and ancient weapons. They also give training in healing arts such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Energy Ways and Chien Chi Kua.

  • 5

    The London Wing Chun Academy, is the premier institute of the UK for Wing Chun. The large training facilities are well stocked for students and instructors to reach their full potential.

  • 6

    Tokei Martial Arts and Fitness Centre , is an all-round institute that offers course in fitness, martial arts even performs specialist treatments. The centre has also been given the nick name the "Hidden Gym" and is known as London best kept fitness secret.

  • 7

    Chang’s Hapkido Academy, is an international Martial arts school that specialises in Wol Ge Kwan Hapkido. The school offers both day-time and evening classes

  • 8

    Central London Shodokan Aikido Club, is a home grown school that concentrates on Shodokan Aikido and is registered with the British Aikido Board

  • 9

    Central London School of Krav Maga, is a specialist school that teaches the art of Krav Maga. Teh martial arts was developed by the Israeli army is considered one of the deadliest martial arts in the world.

  • 10

    Body, Mind, Spirit Martial Art (BMS), is a modern school that teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu in the context of the current world. They use the latest techniques to upgrade the martial arts for today's students.

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