List of Mauritian Restaurants in London

The dreary London weather can leave residents wishing for a sunnier, more tropical place. However, making a trip to Mauritius can be an expensive proposition. But there still is hope and you can easily make a visit to your local Mauritian restaurant to bask in the Mauritian ambiance, even if you can’t fly to the city itself. The Island country of Mauritus is small and has a miniscule population, which makes finding a restaurant in London quite difficult. The Mauritian Restaurants that do exist in London are a seafood lover’s delight, with popular dishes including salted fish rougaille and other such delectable items. Believing on the notion that these dishes should be tried by every Londoner, Step by Step brings you this article which lists down Mauritian Restaurants in London.


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    Chez Liline contains many appetizing dishes for people to taste. These include lentil soup, moule mauricienne, tiger prawns with sweet chilli sauce, croustade des fruits de la mer,  king fish bang bang etc.

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    Mauritius Bar & Restaurant has authentic Mauritian dishes that will give you a taste of the city while sitting in the streets of London.

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    Mauritian Delights reflects Mauritius' past as well as the present through the ambiance and food it offers.

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    Le Chamarel is situated in Turnpike Lane, offering Mauritian food that is an absolute treat to the taste-buds.

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    Neo India uses fresh vegetables and spices to present its customers with delicious Mauritian and Indian cuisine.

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    Lauerge De Aest is an authentic Mauritian cuisine which offers a variety of Mauritian dishes and drinks, starting from gâteau and piments to the chef’s special, which is different  everyday.

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    Mo Filao has take-away and catering services, besides the dine-in option that customers can avail.

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    Port Louis Bar has a menu that will satiate many, including the most staunch lovers of Mauritian cuisine.

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    Seaport restaurant has been accredited with numerous fish restaurant Accolades and 5 star reviews for the impeccable services it provides along with great-tasting food.

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