List of Television Broadcasting Services in Ottawa

With HD technology’s effect on how we experience home entertainment, it’s important to know what services are available in your area in order to make an informed choice and get the best deal. Residents in and around the Ottawa area have a short but reputed list of cable television and internet services providers they can choose from.

Although Rogers and Bell are well known, Shaw and Cogeco are large players in other parts of the country and provide much needed competition. HD technology is available on hundreds of channels now, and weighing all your options will help you make the best choice.

While all of these companies offer business services as well, this post is to cater to those seeking home television services.


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    Rogers Communications

    Rogers is the biggest name in the business. This company is dedicated to communication services and offers a wide range of cable TV packages as well as various home, internet and mobile services. Their television packages include HD TV, Pay Per View and On Demand, alongside various promotions you can benefit from.

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    Bell TV

    Bell is Canada's oldest telecommunications company. They are the only provider in the area currently offering fibre optic television, a service with over 100 HD channels. If that's not for you, Bell has been offering popular HD satellite television service for years.

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    Shaw Television

    Although not as well-known as the ones above, Shaw has a large presence in Western Canada and offers a wide range of HD channels. However, when it comes to pricing Shaw TV is not behind Rogers and Bell.

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    Cogeco has a solid selection of HD channels and creative packages. This company provides services in Ontario and Quebec, and is definitely worth checking out. Cogeco also come up with a lot of promotions, and currently have half their on demand library available for free.

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